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Performing Arts is the Art practiced by using the artist's own body, face and presence as a medium. It differs from the plastic arts, which use clay, metal or paint which can be molded or transformed to create some art object

Dance, magic, acrobatics, drama, juggling, music, opera, bands, theaters, marching etc form a part of Performing Arts. Specialized types of fine arts called "Performance arts" also exist where in the performers present their work (art) live in front of the audience. Performance art does make use of plastic arts to an extent, in terms of props used.

Here we are talking about the two great universities of art namely the Florence University of Arts and the University of Arts, Philadelphia and the opportunities they give.

Florence University of the Arts (FUA) allows a holistic approach to arts as well as education. It is one of the leading educational and cultural centers for art learning. It is enriched with the experience of international faculty teaching every course with an aim of advanced social, intercultural and professional experiences of students.

The university gives a perfect blend of innovative curriculum and the contemporary teaching methods creating an excellent university experience abroad.

Wide range of courses carefully designed keeping in view current interests and subjects are offered here. It offers large selection of arts, business, science and economic courses along with specialized subjects on papermaking, jewelry designing, interior designing etc. Courses are taught in English and Italian except for some courses, which are taught only in Italian.

At FUA, learning takes place both inside and out of classroom. Field trips are arranged to museums, historical libraries, business houses and famous sites whenever possible to give a feel of practical field based learning.

FUA is located in the historic center of Florence providing students an opportunity to stay in the heart of the Renaissance and enjoying the most extensive and famous collection of Italian Renaissance works and artifacts found in the world.

The architectural works provides FUA students an opportunity to be educated and inspired first-hand by the great masters and the makers of the art there.

The University of the Arts (U Arts) is one of the most famous and oldest universities of arts. In the heart of the City of Philadelphia, its campus makes up a significant mark. The University comprises three colleges namely the College of Art and Design, the College of Performing Arts and the College of Media and Communication.

The College of art and design consists of college of performing arts, dance academy and theatre offering wide range of courses regarding the same. The College of Art and Design is involved in industrial art that includes ceramics, industrial design, museum studies etc. College of Media and Communication includes multimedia, communication, and writing for film & television.

U Arts also maintains a huge collection of galleries and theaters in the area that can be of interest to students and patrons of the arts. The University also has agreement that allows ten students from each university to take one course a semester at the other institution.

The best part of the University is its Unique Vibrant Urban Campus stretching from Walnut Street to South Street with faculty members guiding the student artists from several countries to become distinguished professionals. It is a campus inseparable from the City offering world-renowned art and architecture. The classrooms and residence halls are scattered with Philadelphia's landmarks, skyscrapers, and restaurants like ornate pieces sprinkled across a chess board.

This is a place where creative education is offered with a lively experience of art considering the Global perspective having fully equipped studios, empty canvasses, captivating shows etc.

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