Tony Awards 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2016
Host Tony Awards 2016
The Beacon Theatre, NYC.
8-11 p.m

Tony Awards is an annual award show and honored to recognize the achievements in Broadway Productions. The annual tony awards event has the qualification season from 2015 to 2016 April. The live Tony Awards will be held at the beacon theatre in New York city. 

The Tony Awards Nomination are announced by Mary Louise Parker and Bruce Willis on May 3rdh 2015. The following years Tony Awards Event include to honor the Excellence in Theatre Education for the very first time in Tony Awards History. The nomination or the award will be given away to an educator who demonstrates “Positive impact on student lives in Theatre education and commitment towards excellence.” The award for the Excellence in Theatre education is presented and sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University.

Performances at Tony Awards:

The performance to the night at the Tony Awards 2016 ceremony will be musicals, not only one who were nominated for a Tony Award but also the one who were not included in the following nominations.

The performances that are included in the tony Awards night are:

  • To be disclosed soon..

Tony Awards 2016 Nominees & Winners

The Nominees will be announced on May 3rd 2016 Live from Paramount Hotel New York.