Textile Arts

Another common and popular known arts are Textile arts. As per the name it says that it's a specialized creation of textiles. Where art refers to an object or collection of object that created few emotions and ideas. It may be fiction and fantasy or real in nature. And textile is the flexible thing made up of natural or artificial fibers. These textiles are used for the purpose of making clothes, bed sheets, cover, bags, etc.

Textile arts required special knowledge and skills to do Textile art, as artist uses various techniques, ideas and creativity skills to create the work of arts using the fibers and threads with the combination of paints and dyes. These textiles arts are popular everywhere, some of the famous textile arts are Lace, Weaving, Knotting, Needlework, Embroidery, Sewing, patchwork, etc.

Another thing very much related to the textile is Quilt, this is the bed covering. It is inclusive of three things a quilt top, a layer of batting and the backing layer of fabric, by using the techniques these all are joined to form the quilt product. Apart from these tying technique is also a famous one.

Embroidery is one of the famous arts of textiles art. It is basically defined as a decorating stuff art. Purpose for doing this is to give the fabric or textile a style or decorative look. This embroidery is the modern textile art. Though its history is one of the oldest one but then it got disappear and now it comes back in modern age. This thing is come from Ancient Egypt and Iron Age Northern Europe culture.

If we people are discussing about textiles arts, how can we forget about textile arts museum. Mr. George Hewitt founded famous 'The Textile Museum' in 1925 with the purpose of promoting textile arts everywhere. And until his death (1957) he had make it popular all over the world. It has a combination of Asia, Africa and Latin America textile art works.

Every year around 25000-30000 visitors visit this museum. It is situated in Washington, America. San Jose Museum of Quilts and textiles is also very much famous as it was made in 1977, with the mission of promoting arts, crafts and the history of textile and quilts. It is located in San Jose, California. It is a combination of over 550 textiles inclusive of historical as well as the modern quilts.

So, above we had tried to discuss Textile arts, its famous examples, and quilts and also embroidery arts, apart from this we had discussed few famous Textile arts museum. Hope you all are satisfied as per the above.

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