Teen Choice Awards 2016

August 14, 2016
Teen Choice Awards 2015
Los Angeles
 8-10 PM


While most awards focus on recognizing the achievements of adults in the entertainment field, the Teen Choice Awards is based on special achievements of teenagers in the field of television, internet, Comedy, fashion and sports. The age Group covered by these awards is from 13 to 19. The selection is also done by teenagers. These awards are given by the Television Critics Association and there are eleven categories. The TCA awards are given out every summer. The awards are usually held at a place of high repute and this year they will be held in August at the Gibson Amphitheatre. This will be last time the venue is going to be used as it is due to close down.

Purpose of the Awards

The Teen Choice Awards are held with a view to give highly talented teenagers a chance to Showcase their talent in the world of entertainment which generally tends to cater to the requirements of a largely adult population. These awards clearly send out the message that even teenagers have the capacity to shine and even outdo adults in terms of talent in so many different categories.

Teen Choice Awards 2016 Nominees & Winners

Award Ceremony 2015