TCA Awards 1991

Television Critics Association Awards 1991 Winners Full List

Program of the Year

The Civil War (PBS)

  • Gulf War coverage (CNN)
  • Northern Exposure (CBS)

Outstanding Achievement in Comedy

Murphy Brown (CBS)

  • Cheers (NBC)
  • Northern Exposure (CBS)
  • The Simpsons (Fox)

Outstanding Achievement in Drama

thirtysomething (ABC)

  • The Civil War (PBS)
  • Law & Order (NBC)
  • Northern Exposure (CBS)
  • Separate But Equal (ABC)

Outstanding Achievement in News and Information

Gulf War coverage (CNN)

  • Peter Arnett
  • The Civil War (PBS)
  • Frontline (PBS)
  • Nightline (ABC)

Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming

War in the Gulf: Questions & Answers with Peter Jennings (ABC)

  • Dinosaurs (ABC)
  • Nickelodeon
  • Pee-wee's Playhouse (CBS)
  • Sesame Street (PBS)
  • Tiny Toons (Syndicated)

Outstanding Achievement in Sports

NCAA Final Four (CBS)

  • Baseball Tonight (ESPN)
  • SportsCenter (ESPN)
  • Super Bowl XXV (ABC)

Outstanding Achievement in Specials

The Civil War (PBS)

  • Billy Crystal, 63rd Academy Awards (ABC)
  • The Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)

Career Achievement Award

  • Brandon Tartikoff