Tampa Bay Performing Arts Theater

Tampa Bay Performing Arts Theater is the most common and important thing that makes the Tampa Bay city popular all over the world. It is situated in Tampa bay performing arts center which is established in the year 1987, approx 20 years back and its purpose is to develop the talent as well as skills of the performing arts artist.

Tampa bay performing arts theater also helps them to make their career in plays, TV shows, Movies, etc by giving them acting education under there educational institute. In the history of 20 year there are already 10 million audiences who enjoyed the shows of these performing arts theaters. Apart from theaters, this center is also consisting of rehearsal hall, restaurants, and retail shops, banquet halls, etc.

After the introduction to this center now we can discuss its 5 theaters that are:

  • Carol Morsani Hall: - This is the most famous theater among the others as there are around 2600 audiences seating arrangements available in this. If speaking about the seating arrangement then we can say that it has been divided into four levels that are Orchestra, Mezzanine, Balcony, Gallery, etc. Size of this hall proscenium is 60 feet high with a playing depth of 55 feet and a total stage width of 120 feet
  • Ferguson Hall: - After Carol Morsani, this theater comes, as it provides the seating arrangement for 1200 audiences and second largest hall of the center. This is mainly use for musical concerts and dance events, plays, etc. And in this there are 2 parts of seating arrangements which are Orchhestra and balcony. Though this theater is very much used for official meetings, seminars and for lectures.


  • Jaeb Theater: - This is having just 292 seats for its audience. This name is given to the theater on the name of Jaebs who gives a good amount of donation for Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in its making. This theater is specially used for recording sessions, seminars, business meetings, and plays.


  • TECO Energy Production Theater: - This is a small theater and having seating arrangements for only 250 spectators. And another distinguished thing is that it has no permanent stage and blackout curtains of the hall convert rehearsal hall to performance hall.


  • Shimberg Playhouse: - Among all the theaters of this center, this is the smallest one. It has having 130 seats for its audiences. It is considered as the best venue for poets, dancers, small theater companies, performing artists, etc. For seating specially Black Box are formed in this theater.


Above, we had tried to discuss about the theaters of Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Hope you are satisfied with the above discussion