Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

To know about Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center first step to discuss what performing arts stands for?


In very simple words we can say that performing arts is an art that we show by performing or in other words we can say that Performing arts are referred as an art where an actor or player acts or performs a particular role and try to give us the lesson of the story. Its all depends on the performance of an actor, that whether he/ she should be able to make the public understand the meaning and lesson of play in which he/ she is performing.

Now we can move to Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, it is one of the Worlds famous performing art centers which plays a very vital role in the development of the performing skills of the artist.

Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center was established in the year 1987 and it is such a popular center that in these past 20 years around 10 million visitors already visited here.

Another reason of Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center popularity is its location in downtown on a nine-acre site along the east bank of the Hillsborough River in Tampa, Florida.

Tampa Bay performing arts complex is consisting of five theaters. These theaters are known as: -

  • Carol Morsani Hall, having seating arrangement for 2500 people.
  • Ferguson Hall, having seating arrangements for 1000 people.
  • Jaeb Theater having seating arrangement for 300 spectators.
  • TECO Energy Foundation Theater, having seating arrangements for 250 audiences.
  • Shimberg Playhouse having 130 seats for the audiences.

Another thing is that Tampa Bay performing arts center is a home of two famous resident companies they are

  • Jobsite Theater


  • Opera Tampa.


Apart from the theaters, it also has

  • Rehearsal hall
  • Restaurants
  • Retail shops
  • Banquet halls


Due to some controversy Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center has added 45,000squarefeet for its extensive education programs. This Performing Arts center is a part of many constituent organizations like

  • The Florida Orchestra
  • GMI Music
  • Gulf Coast Youth Choirs
  • Master Chorale
  • Lyric Opera Theatre
  • Tampa Bay Symphony
  • Toast of Tampa
  • Tampa Oratorio Singers etc.


So, above we had tried to explain performing arts, then Tampa bay performing arts center, its 5 theaters, history, popularity, etc in a very brief language. Hope you all are satisfied as per the above discussion.

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