Summer Craft Ideas

Spring and summer are the seasons of brightness, new revelations in nature and within oneself, opening doorways to creativity and a breath of fresh air. It is the time to play around a little bit with your wide array of imaginations and tug out some fun making some cute household stuff.

You hardly need any reason for trying your hand at these fun ideas. Just any reason will do - even no reason as well! It is one of the best ideas to spend a holiday weekend. It can be the cutest gift to your mother on Mother’s day as well. It can not only turn into your favorite hobby, but a healthy pastime it is for the whole family. What more, to make these sweet little nothings, you just don’t have to invest a fortune. These craft ideas are quite inexpensive too. You can get your materials in local thrift stores in pre-assembled kits. And to guide you through, there are a number of online sites that will give you step by step guidelines on your project.

Now, if you are thinking of what you are going to make for yourself and your family this summer, here are some ideas of quite a few of them.

Candle-stand with Glass Nuggets

You can create the ambience of some really magical light for a beautiful summer evening with this innovative glass candle-stand ornated with colorful glass nuggets. Collect a combination of glass-nuggets, both opaque and transparent, and fix them with glue on the outside wall of an old glass that your mom is no more using, in the design of your liking. When the candle light will shine through the little spaces between the nuggets, it will just look mesmerizing. Use different colors for a totally new look.

Terra cotta bird-bath

Arrange terra cotta clay pots, inverted, and in a descending order, larger ones at the base and the smaller ones at the top. Make a clay saucer sit in to catch the drained water. Set this saucer on the bottom of the stack of the inverted pots. Paint the pots in the colors of your imaginations. For making your bird-bath more enjoyable for the winged folks, add a mister, for birds love playing with water. They are surely going to love it.

A toad abode

You can use a chipped pot for the purpose. You can paint it according to your liking and a toad abode is ready!

A Stepping stone

It will not stop just being a summer craft idea. Try to make it a tradition. Personalize with memorable items of the year (even toys will do). Mark the stone with the year. A footprint each year will symbolize the journey through life. Even kids will like recording their growth from summer to winter season of the year.

Funky necklaces

Letter beads (with your initials), a charm or two, or an funky earring (if you have lost the second one of the pair) tied to a black and gold thread or added in a simple chain makes personalized necklace for you, your cousins, what more, even for your mother and grandmother. Watch their smile as you gift them your hand-made jewelry.


Use paper, dried flowers, ribbons, beads and charms connected to a thick yarn to create your own bookmarks.

Decorate your Throw pillow

Add zing to your throw pillow with fabric colors, and embellishment. Use cloth glue adhere funky buttons. You can use 3D fabric tubes and create beautiful embossed impressions. You can also use tie-dye, iron-on colored side or reverse dying using a darker cloth. Use bleach to make many artistic designs to dream-paint any pillow or any piece of fabric.

A tie-dye social gathering

 It is also a lot of fun to hold gatherings with friends for tie-dye sessions on late summer afternoons. You will not only end up exchanging a lot of ideas and artistic imaginations, but will also enjoy a lot with you peers!

This summer unwind yourself to have a dip into that whole sea of artistic craftsmanship, a trip to creativeness with all your imaginations.

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