Streamy Awards 2010

Streamy Awards 2010 Winners

Best Comedy Web Series - Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifanakis (Funny or Die)

Best Dramatic Web Series - The Bannen Way (Sony Pictures Entertainment - Crackle)

Best Hosted Web Series - Diggnation (Revision3)

Best Reality or Documentary Web Series - The Secret Life of Scientists

Best News or Politics Web Series - Auto-Tune the News

Best Foreign Web Series - OzGirl

Best New Web Series -Odd Jobs

Best Companion Web Series - The Office: Subtle Sexuality (NBC)

Best Animated Web Series - How It Should Have Ended (Starz Digital Media)

Best Branded Entertainment Web Series - Back on Topps (Topps)

Best Experimental Web Series - Auto-Tune the News

Audience Choice Award for Best Web Series - Agents of Cracked

Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series - Sean Becker for directing The Guild

Best Directing for a Dramatic Web Series - Jesse Warren for directing The Bannen Way

Best Writing for a Dramatic Web Series - Bernie Su for writing Compulsions

Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series - Zack Galifianakis - (Between Two Ferns with Zack Galifiankis)

Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series - Felicia Day - (The Guild)

Best Male Actor in a Dramatic Web Series - Mark Gantt - (The Bannen Way)

Best Female Actor in a Dramatic Web Series - Rachael Hip-Flores - (Anyone But Me)

Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series - Easy to Assemble

Best Guest Star in a Web Series - Weird Al Yankovic - (Know Your Meme)

Best Web Series Host - Zadi Diaz - (EPIC FU)

Best Vlogger - Shane Dawson - (ShaneDawsonTV)

Best Editing - Zach Arnold for editing The Bannen Way

Best Cinematography - Christopher Charles Kempinski for cinematography in Riese

Best Art Direction - Rick Gilbert for art direction in Green Porno

Best Sound Design - Kunal Rajan for sound design in Fear Clinic

Best Animation - Magnus Jansson for animation in theGoob

Best Visual Effects - Jason Bergman, Nicholas Onstad, Bethany Onstad, Jason Knetge, Erik Porn, Ikuo Saito, and David Dang for visual effects in Fear Clinic

Best Live Production in a Web Series - Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

Best Original Music - Evan Gregory, Andrew Gregory and Michael Gregory for Auto-Tune the News

Best Product Integration in a Web Series - Easy to Assemble - (IKEA)

Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series - Valemont