Soap Opera Digest

Origin of Opera Digest

In today's busy world where every one is rushing towards reaching something that they consider as their goal. In the midst of such back breaking hard work, everyone needs entertainment to refresh, rejoice as well as rejuvenate them. The easiest way people choose to serve this purpose is watching Soap Operas that take them to an entirely different world.

People are so much engrossed in the shows that they show keen interest in knowing every information possible about their favorite shows. As a result of these decades back evolved an entirely new sector of Soap opera magazines which devoted themselves to the job of satisfying people's thirst for knowledge about the media world.

Soap opera magazines have now become an integral part of the entertainment industry. Soap opera magazines served as a means to know about the updates of the shows. People who miss the shows were able to keep track of their shows by reading these magazines. It also didn't take much of the reader's time. The readers were given an excellent opportunity to amuse themselves very well during a travel from office to home or even while waiting for a train.

A Leader in the Industry

Soap Opera Digest is one of the most famous magazines that provide it's readers with exclusive information on Soaps Operas that get aired in America. In addition to the information on recent development in the stories, the readers are also given the opportunity to get to know the first hand information on the real life events, gossips and life style of their favorite stars who have left them spellbound by their excellent performance in the Soaps.

History of the Historians

Apart from amusing people these magazines also record events of that particular period and act as historians. For future artists or anyone interested in knowing the trends of the past decades, flipping through the pages of these magazines would do the job. Soap Opera Digest was established in the year 1974. The first resplendent cover of the magazine had the stars of Love of Life gracing it. Because of its growing popularity among the readers the monthly issue took a form of bi weekly issue just in 5 years. If this was the case in 5 years in 2 decades the magazine had to be made soap opera weekly.

Other developments

The magazine came up with the idea of coining abbreviated forms for show names which attracted the reader's attention to a great extent. Apart from all this the magazine also hosts an award function annually for recognizing talented stars chosen by privileged readers. The present editor-in-chief is taking the magazine to new levels of success.

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