Scream Awards 2016

October, 2016
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Scream Awards 2016 Nominees & Winners

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  • The Ultimate Scream
  • Best Horror Movie
  • Best Fantasy Movie
  • Best Science Fiction Movie
  • Best TV Show
  • Best Superhero
  • Best Comic-to-Screen Adaptation
  • Renamed "Best Comic Book Movie" beginning in 2008.
  • Most Memorable Mutilation
  • Most Vile Villain
  • Renamed "Best Villain" beginning in 2008.
  • Breakout Performance
  • The Scene of the Year Award
  • Called one of the alternative titles "Holy Sh!t" or "Jump-From-Your-Seat" in differing years.


This is an award function which recognizes people who have outstanding achievements in the field of fantasy, science fiction and horror in feature films. The original awards were named as “Heroic Performance Awards” and “Scream Queen” but over the years these awards graduated into covering actors and actresses covering the above mentioned three genres, that is, science fiction, fantasy and horror. In time the name of these awards simply came to be called “Scream” followed by the year in which the awards were held for example, “Scream 2010”. Today there is an award for comic books as well.


The categories of awards range form the best of each genre as in the best horror movie to the best TV show and Comic-to-Screen Adaptation. The names of the awards are changed from time to time and sometimes an entire category gets removed. Some titles are rather off-centre with names like “Jump-From-Your-Seat” Award.

More about the Awards

The Scream Awards cover performances which have been done in the previous year until October when a live ceremony is held each year for the presentation of the awards. The ceremony is usually recorded on a Saturday evening but broadcast later on a Tuesday. The venues are usually well-known and renowned ones such as the Pantages Theatre, the Greek Theatre and even Universal Studios. The ceremony is usually marked by world-famous entertainers and the likes of Ozzy Ozbourne and Korn have been known to perform for the Scream Awards. This ceremony is also the stage for premieres of upcoming movies. The official television station for broadcasting the awards is “Spike TV”.

Fashion at its Best

A major attraction of the Scream Awards is the clothes, shoes and fashion accessories which the stars turn up wearing. Each one tries to outdo the rest and the result is some rather outlandish or stunning outfits, depending how one looks at them. The result is, in any case, much to the satisfaction of fans and the media who have a great time analyzing the outfits from some of the world’s most celebrated fashion houses.

The Scream Awards definitely have something for everyone who goes to attend