Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby for people around the globe. And of course, it deserves to be so. It not only gives the vent to our artistic ideas and imaginations, but is a hobby worth investing for. Time flies. But there are so many memories that are worth preserving throughout the obligations of our limited life-span, so that, when we look back, they seem adorned, with rosy hues, glitters and remain studded with dream-like embellishments. You can always do that with a scrapbook and a bunch of photographs, old, new, whatever, and start scrapbooking right away. The only thing you will need is a little bit of imagination.

For those who started scrapbooking when you were a kid, remember those days. You were bubbling with new ideas and imaginations everyday, and the scrapbooks you created then, even now look like masterpieces to your own mature eyes. But even if you have started scrapbooking of late, or even want to, you still can do wonders with a bit of try. May be you have bought large bundles of colored papers, glues and glitters and wondering how to create that magic you have always wanted to. Just stop worrying, sit down, and have a hold on the basic scrapbook ideas before you are ready for the big ‘go’!

Surf the internet for noble ideas and the latest trends

Search different sites and join different communities for ‘scrapbookers’. This is the best way to remain updated with various informations, exchange ideas and have a really great time exploring what wonders can be done with the scrapbook by visiting various scrapbook page layouts. There are quite a number of informations on the web regarding scrapbooking.
Watch out, there are even retreats for scrapbookers where they meet up for a weekend of scrapbooking session and share their ideas.

Decide the Picture you want to play around with:

The first thing you have to do is, selecting the picture/picture you want to add to your scrapbook page. Remember, if you are selecting more than one picture, they must be coordinated with each other in some way or the other. There should be some common thing beyond those which will bind them together to create that required effect.

There is no hard and fast rule that you can only put on your scrapbook the best photo from a wedding day or a birthday. It can be about anything. It can be about everyday pictures of your baby, and framing him grow slowly.

Select a theme

May be you are having a lot of space in your page, and you don’t know what to do about that. The best thing to do is to come up with the right theme. This can be done by selecting the right kind of paper, coordinated colors, embellishments, stickers, hand-paintings, and so on. The result will not only mesmerize the onlooker, but you can also have that smile on your face recalling that memorable day.

Use acid free products

Sometimes the pages and photos tend to discolor or deteriorate over time. To prevent this, you should use acid-free products. Instead, try using plastic films of acetate, because it can be easily used in many applications. Stamp onto it using rubber stamps; you can create the beautiful effect of embellishments appearing to hang independently. Try painting acetate with glass paints and glitter glues for that additional zing.

Use the right adhesive

You may end up being a mess with the wrong adhesive. Glue dots, glue sticks, double sided tape and photo stickers. Use any of them. A normal adhesive won’t do as good as them.

Use the right colors

 Select a key color from the picture and let the whole theme build up around that. This way you can create a unique as well as the right thematic effect for the visual delight of the onlookers.

Brads and Eyelets

Brads are widely used in scrapbook. Available in a wide array of colors, shapes and designs, you can always innovate new and exciting scrapbook ideas with their right use.
              Even eyelets are one of the most useful scrapbook accessories. Attach them to your page and you can then pass colorful ribbons and threads through them for that special look.

Use Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are one of the things you will need the most while on the go. There are a lot of varieties you can choose from, so be sure of being spoilt of choices.
After you rubber stamp the image, sprinkle the embossing powder, available in many different colors, over the stamped image. Heat the image with a heat gun to create that embossed effect.

Mat and Layering

 This is the process where a layer of paper is put around an image or embellishment to produce a frame.

Using scrapbook quotes

You may be still left with some amount of space on the page and you can’t figure out what to do with it. The best idea is to write down some quotes along with the picture. That will not give it a personal touch but it will make it unique as well. For this, the best way is to hand-write or print them, but you can use stickers and rub-ons as well. Try to ensure that, whatever you write goes well with the photo, or is about a description about the photo or the day it was clicked. However, it is better to keep the description short and crisp. We don’t want to write a journal after all!

Getting those right accessories for your scrapbook at the right price

Scrapbooking is no doubt a costly hobby. So, you must also keep in mind that, in the process of creating the best scrapbooks, you are not leaving a hole in your pocket.
The local thrift stores sometimes have some of the best spools, ribbons, stick-ons, beads and other accessories at very affordable prices. Try exploring them in and out when you have some time to spare.
Many people decide to give up scrapbooking for they have no time now, so, to get rid of things they are no longer using, they put up sales. Try to get in touch with them to find some of the most amazing embellishments.

You can also make use of old ticket stubs or postcards related to the theme or time-period of the photo. This will generate a very good timeless effect in them.

Save all the greeting cards people send to you. You might get very appropriate cut-offs out of them.


After you have created the pages, you should fit them into the frames for stability. It will just look great on the wall or in different places around the house.

 Scrapbooking is very wonderful a hobby, may be a life-long passion, which is cherished by the whole family. Celebrate the various stages of your life with your scrapbooks. Let your imagination unwind and make that artist within you come out with that special photo and the flight of colors, papers, scissors, glues, glitters and stickers!

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