Schoool of Visual Arts

First we have to know what's visual art is! Visual arts refer to the creation of words that are visual in nature. This term basically includes filmmaking, painting, photography, etc. Nowadays these visual arts is a combination of fine arts and crafts but earlier the term is completely based on fine arts and craft or handicraft is not a part of this, thanks to Arts and Crafts movement in Britain, that it will play a vital role in promoting handicrafts in visual art term. In short we can say that terms like computer art, painting, drawings, photography, plastic arts, printmaking and filmmaking are the components comes in visual arts.

Visual arts is a broader term this is inclusive of all types arts related to Comics, mail art, film, design, found art, graphic design, painting, imagination art, landscape art, mixed media, textile art, video art, illustration, crafts, computer art, conceptual art, photography, composition, etc.

School of visual arts school is a school situated at New York. It was established in 1947, it was first named as cartoonist and illustrators school but in 1956 its name is change into School of Visual Arts (SVA). Do you people know that it is one of the top rated visual arts schools and hence a member of Association of Independent Colleges of art and design. They are providing degree in Fine arts and offering 120 courses, out of those 72 courses are on studio classes.

Apart from giving bachelor degree they are also offering master's program too. Nowadays bachelor degree programs are offered on animation, cartooning, film art, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fine Arts, Advertising, Photography, etc. Now they are also offering few master programs starts up with the Masters Of Fine Arts started from 1983. Other courses it includes are Computer art, Art education, Design, Art Therapy, Art Criticism and Writing.

Apart from bachelor and master programs, they are running some diploma programs also. These are offered in Art History, Humanities and Sciences. Relating to the visual art term, this is known as the top of the institution in world. Now speaking about its location, as we all know it is centrally located at New York. Apart from this school have 2 basic Manhattan locations, In Gramercy Park in east side and the other one in Chelsea in west side. It has several building in its campus that are main building, photography building, west building, second avenue building, sculpture building and Residence Halls.

Apart from this, there is a visual art institute too that is present in Salt Lake City. The goals of this institute is to improve the education and development level among the students by providing them the training and independent study among them.

So, from my these views, I like to describe the meaning of visual arts, its important components. After the meaning, the role of Visual arts school. And what programs they are offering in their institution. Hope you all are satisfied with my words. And after discussing this you too know the important value of Visual Arts School.