Savannah College of Art and Design

The Savannah College of Art and Design was established in 1978. The institute offers degrees in Fine Arts. It is deeply affianced with the city and has an affluent heritage for its architecture. The Savannah College for Art and Design also known as the SCAD registers over 7,000 students from all the states in the U.S and over a 100 countries from all over the world with 12% of its students being international students

Savannah College of Art and Design offers a wide range of degree programs that include animation, advertising design, broadcast design, motion graphics, contemporary writing, cinema studies, industrial design, painting, photography, visual communications and a number of other programs in the concentration of art and design.

In 28 of the major programs, the SCAD offers minors and it features a unique overseas campus in the beautiful town of Lacoste, France. The SCAD also introduced a new campus called SCAD-Atlanta in Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia and combined with the Atlanta College of Art creating a lot more opportunities for its students.

The SCAD Facilities

The college campus consists of over 60 buildings which are scattered throughout downtown Savannah. A number of campus buildings are located in the reputed 21 squares of the old town of Savannah.

The SCAD-Atlanta is situated in Atlanta's Midtown. The campus has sufficient spaces and facilities for classrooms and exhibition spaces. It has efficient computer labs, photography darkrooms, libraries, printmaking and sculpture studios, a fitness centre, dining hall, swimming pool and a residence hall.

Lacoste is a medieval village situated in the south of France. The picturesque landscape and the countryside boost up the students and give them the inspiration for the programs that are taught in the campus.

The School of Film and Digital Media in the SCAD is the most well-known among all the programs and it has developed really well in the last few years. New majors have been added to back up the demand for the technology-based art classes. These fields of education highlight on the use of computer effects, design for films and animation, games and the Internet. To keep up with the demand, the SCAD converted a 64,000 square foot carriage factory into a state-of-the-art computer effects production house with computers, a render farm as well as a green-screen stage and stop-motion labs.