Saturn Awards 2016

June, 2016
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Fantasy, horror and science fiction are favorite themes in film and television, so what is the better way of honoring these areas of entertainment in the form of annual awards? The Saturn Awards are held by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films each year, the purpose understood by the title of the Academy. These awards were started in 1972 by Dr Donald A Reed, a person who was of the opinion that there was not enough appreciation given to the genres of fantasy and science fiction. The 42nd Saturn Awards will be held this year. The actual award is made in the shape of the planet Saturn along with the rings that surround it.

Celebrities Galore

The main attraction of the Saturn awards is the presence of celebrities from the film world. Actors, directors, producers as well as famous musicians, music directors and composers all flock to the venue to be a part of the celebrations, whether they will come away with an award or not. The clothes they wear, the things they say and do – all this is taken in by their fans and the media. This is the magic of the Saturn Awards.

Saturn Awards 2016 Nominees & Winners

Will be disclosed soon..