Saturn Awards 2011

38th Saturn Awards 2011

Life Career Award: Bert I. Gordon

Best Local Stage Production: Small Theatre “Watson”

Best Local Stage Production Drama or Comedy: “The Liutenant of Inishmore”

Best Local Stage Production, Musical: “Young Frankenstein” Best DVD Collection “Avatar”

Best DVD Release: “Never Sleep Again The Elm Street Legacy”

Best DVD Classic Film Release: “The Complete Metropolis”

Best DVD TV Release: “Twilight Zone Seasons 1 & 2″

Best Action/Adventure Film: “Salt” Life Career Award Michael Biehn

Best Make-Up: “The Wolfman”

Best Production Design: “Tron Legacy”

Best Performance by a Younger Actor: Chloe Grace Moretz

The Visionary Award: Marvel Studios

Best Guest Starring Actor on TV: Joe Manganiello

Best TV Presentation: “The Walking Dead”

Best Supporting Actress on TV: Lucy Lawless

Best Supporting Actor on TV: John Noble

Best Actor on TV: Stephen Moyer

Best Actress on TV: Anna Torv

Best Syndicated/Cable TV Series “Breaking Bad”

Best Network TV Series: “Fringe” Dr. Donald A. Reed Award Dean Devlin

Best Costume: “Alice in Wonderland” Best Music “Inception”

Best Special Effects: “Inception”

Best TV Guest Star: Richard Dreyfuss “Weeds”

Best Supporting Actress: Mila Kunis “Black Swan”

Best Supporting Actor: Andrew Garfield “Never Let Me Go”

Best Animated Film: “Toy Story 3″

Best Actress: Natalie Portman for “Black Swan”

Best International Film: “Monsters”

Best Horror/Thriller Film: “Let Me In”

Best Writing: Christopher Nolan “Inception”

Best Director: Christopher Nolan “Inception”

Best Fantasy Film: “Alice in Wonderland” George Pal Memorial Award Frank Darabont

Best Science Fiction Film: “Inception”