San Francisco Arts Institute

The San Francisco Arts Institute (SFAI) was founded in 1871and it is one of US's older and more prestigious schools for higher education in contemporary arts. It is located in the Russian Hill district of San Francisco, California, United States.

San Francisco Arts Institute is a private, non-profit making institution and is a member of the Association Of Independent Colleges of Arts and Design.

World Recognition

In shaping our everyday lives, design and technology plays a dominant role.It is here in SFAI that the design and technology curriculum are put together and the students are challenged to use the tools of design to explore how design functions and why our designed world reflects the larger social transformatons taking place today.

San Francisco Arts Institute offers courses like Digital Literacy Image, Internet, Presentation, History of Reproducibility, Designing a New Skin, Reshaping the Human Form and Activating objects. These courses help students to explore the intellectual divisions between arts and design, their affiliations and the many ways that artsists and designers collaborate to construct everyday life.

An arts education contributes to a critical dialogue with innovation graphic design and typography,motion graphics, narrative film, experiental video andnetwork arts.

Students are also given an option,where, they can choose a technology track within the Design+ Technology departsment. Here, students design and customize technology for individual and collaborative interactive arts and design. In order to help students build technology projects, SFAI offers courses like Digital Audio, Video, Photography, Animation, Composing and Illustration. Typical courses offerred in the technology track are: Electricity and Electronics for Artsists, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation and Digital Sound Objects.

SFAI provides digital studios for students, which are supported by Macintosh OS X,with over 40 Mac G 5s, Media Converters, full suites of multi-media software, a library of reference materials, VHS and Mini DV recording decks, projectors, sound production equipment and scanners. SFAI also has an Imaging Studio, that has two Epson Pro Stylus 7600 s, a Stylus 3000, Stylus 4000 and a Stylus 9600 that prints upto 44 inches, a polaroid pro palette for recording digital images on film; a color laser printer and flat bed scanners.

As the SFAI Centers for Interdisciplinary Study intersect research and practice with everyday life,Design+ Technology students develop strong connections with the centers. The Bay Area has renowned resources that enable the students to mentor with artsists and designers, who are affiliated with companies such as Intel Corporation, Apple, Bay Area Video Coalition, KQED Public Radio and Television, Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar, The Jean Shelton Actors' Lab and others. Through SFAI's Design+ Technology Salon series,one can engage in dialogues with practioners that lead to further collaborations.

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