Rhythm of Life

You want to learn music or you need to know music to listen to that raga. Your child is attending music classes and you need to know the typical answers about music. Here are few FAQ's that can help you.

Where do I begin?

Like I remember when I was in college a senior gave me a CD called Pulse and asked me to listen to it all alone. I did and that changed my whole teenage, I was introduced to Floyd and I learnt how boring life was before that day.

If you want to indulge yourself in any kind of music say like Jazz or Blues or rock try and pick up a few CD's. Listen to compositions a few times. That will help you understand the rhythm and also you would know first hand if you really would want to listen to it or not. I still get to hear new types and genre. Even when I am listening to an artist I try to see if I know him or her. If I do not I will try and remember his/her name and buy or borrow that tape and next time I hear them I am like " I know that song". That is how I got in touch with Miles Davis.

Practice makes turns a musician into a performer!!

Now let's say you are planning to learn and instrument like the guitar. I mean that is the first I can think of. Try and go to these classes without a guitar first. Then see if you can understand the body or see if you have an ear to that instrument. If you do, then pick up a second hand practice on it. Learning music is like learning how to write a screen play, you watch a movie and then try and write it in your own style without missing the essence.

The same way try and play what you have heard on CD and then improvise it or try and play it that way till you have experienced the euphoria the eureka.

A bird in the bush is worth two in bush!!

Isn't the above true? What I am trying to say here is, when you trying your hand at music let that be vocal or instrumental. Please try and complete that exercise. Many times we try and look out for other options. Like say you are learning the piano, you will try and learn about all the other instruments except for that one. It is human mind; we try to avoid the tough one. But remember if you conquer the piano the others will be a cake walk.

So even though feel irritated, try and practice it for say 21 days and then you might get to know if this is what you really want.

Will I start concerts in a month???

Who are you trying to kid? It takes a while life time to become a maestro. So do not assume you are one after a month or two. Try and learn slowly, music is a passion or rather a vast ocean and you cannot drink it in a day. Try and have a private audience like play or sing in front of the mirror. Try and record and play it back, this is a good practice. This way you will know what you missed out on or if you were better then yesterday.

Half knowledge is worse then knowing nothing

Yes it is true. It is very dangerous when you try and conquer something with half baked knowledge. Let that be music or any other thing in life. So when you set you heart out try and complete it or if you cannot try and learn it in bits and pieces. Keep you eyes and ears open for information. That way you will gain more practical approach to you passion.Let the music flow!

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