Retirement Hobbies

Retirement is the phase which comes in every man’s life when he gets free from his responsibilities towards field work. It’s not a time to stop living the life but it’s a time to enjoy it fully by doing any sort of work he likes which he misses in doing the responsibility towards the work and taking care of the children.

Hobbies are the best part in filling the ideal time of the retirement people which not only keep them happy but also busy. According to the famous poet Phyllis McGinley, “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away”.

Benefits of Hobbies After Retirement:

  • Hobbies not only keep the person’s mind sharp but also make him active.
  • It helps in maintaining the fitness level.
  • Hobbies can also help in reducing the stress and the common health problems.
  • Hobbies can also be converted into the career opportunities depending upon the interests whom a person have.

Now the question arises which hobby is the best to choose during retirement phase?

The answer to this question is not specific. No one can exactly explain the meaning of the retirement hobby and what kind of hobby he should follow. It wholly depends upon the person what he wants to do.

It is not a hard and fast rule to choose a particular hobby .He can choose any kind of hobby depending on his interest. If he is not a social person then he can choose hobby like watching TV, reading book or gardening but after some time the person gets bored from these hobbies. So it is a better option to choose a hobby which includes social interaction also. Reading book is a good hobby but if it doesn’t include social interaction then the person gets bored after sometime and on the other if the same hobby is done by joining the reading groups on the internet or by joining the reading club or library then it is very useful because it not only makes the brain active but also it helps in making friends of the same interest.

Some ther Hobbies Which One can do after Retirement are:

1) Bird Watching:

If a person is a nature lover then he can take bird watching as a hobby and can also join the clubs which are avid bird watchers to know more about the same.

2) Gardening:

Gardening can also be the best option to adopt as a hobby. You can grow flowers, fruits and vegetables on a spot of land and makes the most use of it. In the off season he can learn the new techniques of gardening.
3) Golf:

Golf is the favorite pastime of the retirees. If he has an interest in sports then he can go for it. It is not only a sport but a mixture of travel, enjoyment and refreshment after labor.

4) Photography:

It is also the best option if you want to keep a record of every occasion. It is an interesting hobby which keeps you busy in taking the photographs and then collecting them in the scrapbook which you can also give it as a present to the loved ones.

5) Traveling:

If a person is fond of traveling but he can’t do it due to lack of time then he can visit the new places after retirement. So traveling can also prove to be a good hobby.

6) Music:

Every person loves music whether it’s classical or pop. If a person has an interest in music then he can join the music classes also. He can also take part as an audience in the live music concerts. Collection of the audio tapes, CD’s of the favorite artists or of the favorite songs can also make the person busy.

7) Volunteer:

If a person has an interest in helping the others then he can join the different NGO’s  or other organizations which not only keep them busy but they also got a reason to get up early in the morning as he do when he is in the job.

8) Poem Writing:

If a person has talent of writing the poems then he can do it in his retirement time which makes him busy all the time and he can share his opinions with the others on the blogs on the internet.

So retirement hobbies not only keeps them busy and fit but also give them the opportunities to continue their interests without any worry about job responsibilities.

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