Primetime Emmy Awards 2016

September 18, 2016
Host Primetime Emmy Awards 2015
Los Angeles, California
Time Network


These are awards presented in the United States to people who have excelled in the field of American primetime television. The Primetime Emmy Awards have been around since 1949 and although initially they were just known as the “Emmy Awards”, over the years there developed a distinction between the “daytime” awards and the “primetime” awards.

These awards are usually held in the middle of September on the Sunday before what is commonly known as the official beginning of the “fall television season”. This pattern is only broken in the years when the NFL Football is held and in those years, the awards are moved to late August. The Primetime Emmy Awards are comparable with the Academy Awards of Cinema and the Grammy Awards of music.

Primetime Emmy Awards 2016 Nominations

Complete list of 2016 Primetime Emmy award nominations.

Primetime Emmy Awards 2016 Winners

Complete list of 2016 Primetime Emmy award winners.

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