Journalists are always seen to carry cameras and snap away at interesting events and personalities, building their story using the photos captured as evidence. One form of photography that brings together the characteristics of photography and journalism is photojournalism. Photojournalism involves telling a story to an audience or to reader through a series of photos that speak about what is happening, so words are not necessary to provide an understanding about the going-ones of this event.

Photojournalism Jobs

In Photojournalism Jobs, the photojournalist can bring out the happenings in an event in two ways to their audience. One way is where journalist and photographer collaborate to get image on a story, wherein the photos are used to supplement what is written in the article. Another way is to use a just photos, each of which are interrelated, but without using any words describe the details of the event.

Photojournalism in Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazine consider photojournalism as important because photos can bring out what is happening in such a true and life-like way that thing else compares to it. For example, during the World War II, the many photos shots on the war events told families at home about what was happening in the war front and what it was like for the brave soldiers fighting in the war. Every newspaper and magazine included photos telling a story simply because it had the ability to accurately show what was happening and could quickly engage the reader's interest towards the article written about the event.

Characteristics of Photojournalism

Photojournalism stands out from the other forms of photography because of certain characteristics. These include the following:

  • The Photojournalism photos are capture on an event that is happening at a particular point of time.
  • The images shown in the Photojournalism photos are a fair and true, life-like representation of what is happening.
  • The images reveal an insight into what is being described by the new article.
Photojournalism History

The history of photojournalism can be traced back to the 1880s. However, Photojournalism saw its true golden period between the 1930s and the 1950, when important newspapers such as 'The New York Daily News' and magazines such as Life (USA), Arbeiter-Illustrierte-Zeitung (Berlin), Paris Match (Paris), 'Picture Post' (London), Sports Illustrated, built their readership using immense number of photographs to tell stories.

Photojournalism in Wedding Photography

Photojournalism in wedding photography is one of the most interesting ways of telling about the events happening in a wedding. Instead of making the couple and the people around them to pose for a photo, capturing them in their natural elements and how they go about saying and doing what comes to them in their normal manner is very interesting. Wedding photojournalism has an air of simplicity yet is covered with an unusual complexity.

Photojournalism Career

The job of a photojournalist has the same ethical approaches as those applied to other journalists. photojournalist must tell report on an event that is happening using photos as the tool to report the event and the photos must be accurate and true to what is being reported. Once their work is submitted to the news organization, the organization decides how to use it.

The coming in of digital technology has greatly enhanced the work of a photojournalist as they are able to shoot pictures rapidly, edit them and send them in for printing in a much shorter time than they would do so earlier.

Most of the work that comes by way of photojournalism is freelance. The journalist has to be very skilled in being able to judge and take photos, even in the most difficult of situations and so this form of journalism require high quality photojournalism degree in training and experience form excellent photojournalism schools and photojournalism colleges. Photojournalism schools and Photojournalism colleges conduct courses in photojounalism and provide Photojournalism degree to their students. Photojournalists have Photojournalism degree in photography or a media degree from their respected Photojournalism schools and Photojournalism colleges. Photojournalists are also noted to specialize in a particular area such as the war front, wedding photography or portrait photography and so on.

Photojournalism is a very demanding and challenging job. Many photojournalists risk their lives to get the best shots under the most difficult of circumstances. photojournalists need to take decisions about what is the right shot on the spot and if photojournalists are in a situation where they have to cover a war front or a raging fire, photojournalists are putting themselves at a very high risk as they have to put themselves before the event to shoot it and tell the story.