PEOPLESPEAK: Some say photography is a new thing. But, have you ever asked yourself that how could some of the best pieces of art evolve since the Fifteenth Century. The answer is that during the Renaissance, a lot of artists used a process known as 'camera obscura' to help them reflect pictures on flat surfaces

Critics say photography cannot be considered as an art because a machine creates pictures and you have no credit. Some say it is a chemical process while others compare it with lithography.


But what exactly is photography: It is basically a process of using a camera to get images of literally of anything you want to. There are hundreds of subjects that you can choose if you are serious of making photography a profession. Some of the most popular subjects are nature photography, landscape photography, portrait photography to name a few


Nature photography, when executed well, is sure to be a truly emotional experience that you will cherish throughout your life. In other words, it's pure magic as you can freeze for eternity, a once-in-a-lifetime moment. To get this feeling, skills, handwork and equipment are a must. Just imagine this. The sunset that you have captured will not happen again ever. The reflections of the rays on water happen just once. Its irreversible. Similarly, the dew on a flower petal cannot happen on the same place even in a thousand years.

The key to good nature photography is the camera and how you look at things. If you seriously interested in learning photography, the most important thing that you need to have is a reliable camera. And, digital cameras that are available in the market won't just do the trick.

For a good photographer, the color combinations of a landscape are the most appealing. Though the combinations may go unnoticed to any other person, a good photographer will not miss it. Its because he understands the relations of colors.


Similarly landscape photography doesn't happen by accident. There are certain keys to master it. One of the most important things that must be remembered is practice. You have to practice a hundred times to champion it.

As a definition, it is scenery, rather a part of it, which can be seen from a point. The scenery, that you see, is the subject of a landscape. When shooting a landscape, the golden rule is that you should avoid people and animals in it. However, of late, buildings and other man-made structures have been included in landscape photography.


Then comes another subject of photography known as portrait photography. Here, the attempt should be to freeze a person's faced distinctly. Though you have the liberty to capture his entire body, but it's the face that is the most important. Portrait photography is not at all a new subject. It has been there for a very long time when people got artists to paint their pictures to hang it on the walls.


Selling photographs is one of the most profitable businesses in modern days. One photograph may even fetch you some millions of dollars. The success in photographs trade has become so lucrative that there are hundreds of websites available where you can buy or sell photographs

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