Photography Techniques

Taking good photographs requires you to know about the best techniques by which you can capture the image you want and works like a professional with your subject. Here are a couple of useful photography techniques that you can use as you take photographs:

Photography Techniques

  • Photo Capture
  • Background plain
  • Using Flash
  • Close-up shots
  • Lock Focus
  • Lighting

Breif description on photography techniques are as follows

Photo Capture

When taking photos, you can get a really amazing looks when you have direct eye contact with the subject. Children and adults come off at their best when you take a picture with their direct view to the camera.

Background plain

Having a plain background keeps the interest in the subject being photographed. If you have a background where a pole is sticking out of someone's head or some cars sticking out of their sides, attention from the subject will be distracted and the end result won't be appealing.

Using Flash

Use your flash when you have to take photos on a cloudy day, when the area is not well lit around you or when you have some unattractive shadows coming out because of the sun. This will prevent you from taking dull photos.

Close-up shots

Taking close-ups are some of the best photography techniques used to get best photograph of your subject. Imaging your niece sitting in front of you and laughing away, a cute close-up of this laugh will be really great, compared to taking the same shot from a little distance away because you won't be highlighting your niece's cute smile in the image.

Lock Focus

Sometime you won't be able to bring in your subject right into the middle of the shot. In such situations, lock the focus. When you have to lock focus, you have to center your subject, but since you want to have the subject away from the center of the shot for an improved shot, you need to bring the subject to the centre, lock the focus and then take the shot with the subject placed where you would like it to be.

Locking focus is pretty simple and one of the most important photography techniques. Just centre your subject and press the shutter button to half point. Check the image through the lens and then take the shot. If you want your subject to be not centered, center it first, then reposition the subject while holding you shutter button down half-way and then pressing this all the way down to take the shot.


You need the right lighting element when you photograph. If you have too strong lighting, it will blur the image; too little lighting will cause it to appear dim. The right kind of lighting is one that will show the subject at their best. For example, a bright sunny day is the best for a shot on young people, but if you were to apply the same for aged people you can see most of their wrinkles. The best way to get the right lighting effect is to study the photography techniques of effects on lighting through internet or online photography techniques guides.

Cameras flash range

Look into the range of your camera's flash. If you take photos beyond this range, the photo will look too dark. In most camera's it is usually up to five steps away from the camera. You can also check up the camera's photography techniques manual for this information.

Vertical Angle

Sometimes if you want a more dramatic look on your subject, take a shot from a vertical angle. It's different and will give an attractive view of the subject.


Now that everyone is using the digital cameras, you would be wondering on what photography techniques apply to taking shots with a digital camera. It's easier to take photos with a digital camera and basically the same techniques as mentioned above will apply here, except you can check up on your picture in the camera's viewer before printing it out. You should work with your digital camera's setting and you will find many settings available in it such as night photo facility, landscape photo facility and flash facility. Read up the online manual on photography techniques how they work and using them accordingly when to take shots.

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