Photography Styles

Photography History

Photography, meaning "writing with light" has a history commencing as early as the ages of Great Roman intellect Aristotle, who found the image of a partial eclipse of the sun falling on the ground through the small hole of a strainer. That was the beginning of this visual art of today, taking hundreds of years to get refined through the untiring inventions and constant efforts by scientists the world over.

During these centuries, one after the other the artists of this field have crossed many hurdles to get the image of the object to become still, clear, and reproducible by going through innumerable processes, techniques, styles and chemicals. The contemporary art of photography in different styles, lighting styles, studio styles and growing up to digital photography very widely used in every country owes its existence and growth to the dedication of persons of their lifetime.

Photography Styles

Human life is always fascinated with moments of ecstasy, joy, sorrow, surprise, awe or wonder. Catching these moments exactly when they occur is the top most quality of a photograph. The minute just passed by cannot be retrieved by anybody, however mighty one is. But that same minute can be brought back alive again and again for any number of times by a photo taken on that split second.

Likewise, some of the photographs taken spontaneously at the virtual moment of exposure of different feelings of man kind

  • From cruelty to kindness
  • Anger to apathy
  • Amazement to innocence
  • Grief to glee
  • Disaster to renovation

have shaken the world as a whole as witnesses of these moments by seeing them. From childhood to adulthood and reaching the far end of aging, photographs bring back the memories bitter and sweet of one's life. Wedding photography styles, though different in every country, are uniform in reflecting the same effect in the minds of the people concerned.

Photography is the backbone of visual medium bringing forth news of all sorts namely

  • Exchange of information about the events, occurrences and happenings all the world over. Some stunning photographs of the Vietnam War shook the world like thunder.
  • Introduction of celebrities to the masses, focusing the lime lights on them even at the cost of privacy. Photographs of British Princes Diana who met with an accident are of this type.
  • Aiding the journalism of the print media with authenticity through flashing the camera on the testimonies. Elimination of the former President of Iraq is a fine example.

Thus the art has come a long way from the olden days when portrait photography depicted images of human body - good, bad and ugly - to that of digital photography of today's computer age, whereby photos taken in any part of this Globe can be transmitted in micro seconds to reach the other side of the universe

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