Photography Props

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer or even a parent, taking photographs of children can be one of the most creative, challenging, fun and rewarding activities. Here are some ideas to create and capture those magical moments:

Photography Props for Babies :

Props for new born babies should be used to either add to the cuteness of the photo or to provide a size context. 

  • Soft Toys: This is probably one of the most popular prop choices for newborn photography. Soft toys are safe, cuddly, come in various shapes and sizes and add to the cuteness quotient of a photograph but most of all they always bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  • Small Tub, Basket or Bowl: Placing a newborn in a tub, basket or a bowl looks really cute as it showcases how tiny an infant is.
  • Hats:  Oversized hats look really sweet on tiny heads. As one has a variety of hats like the cowboy hat, baseball cap or the stocking hat they can be used for various effects.
  • Balls, Rattles and Other Toys: Toys and children invariably go together so they really fit in well with the baby photography.
  • Items with Personal Meaning: Add symbolic value and a new meaning to the photo by including a personal item which has significance to your family, like a family heirloom.
  • Other common props: Backdrops, tabletop coverings with different textures, colours and patterns are used for infant photography to add to the theme. Other props are angel wings, pom poms, flowers, head bands, slings, knitted baby cocoons, stork pouches and pea pods are also excellent props for infant photography.

Photography Props for Toddlers

Photographing toddlers is a little more challenging as children of this age group are easily distracted and don’t stay still for long hence, it is imperative to choose a variety of props which add to the setting and also capture their attention. Besides props like stuffed animals and toys one can use the following studio props:

  • Miniature tools
  • Umbrellas – small or big
  • The child’s favourite toy which goes well with child’s clothes or theme of the photograph
  • Various costumes like bees, rabbit or any other costume you like
  • Rocking horse
  • Large feathered boas
  • Small vehicles a kid can sit in

If you are doing an outdoor shoot use the nature as the background or shoot in a park where you can find small park benches, swings or arrange miniature tea party tables and even a friendly animal like a puppy as a prop for toddlers.

Photography Props for Tweens and Teens:

Children of this age group normally have their own individuality and forms of expressing hence should be advised to come with their own props.

  • You can use a variety of backdrops and have seating props.
  • If you are shooting outdoors then select a setting like a farm, ranch or a dock and incorporate the setting in your theme.
  • Flower bouquets

Something that the teenager is interested in like books, football or a basketball or musical instruments.

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