Photography Magazines

Photography Magazines bring out the best of photographs under different categories of photography.Such as

  • Outdoor Photography Magazines
  • Wildlife Photography Magazines
  • Night Photography Magazines
  • Wedding Photography Magazines
  • Underwater Photography Magazines

are a few examples of the varieties that viewers get to see when they sift through a photography magazine.

Good photography magazines

Here are a couple of really good photography magazines:

Outdoor Photography Magazine

Outdoor photography magazine gives you amazing outdoor location shots and you can really get an idea of what to include as you photograph outdoor subjects. Expert write up articles related to different aspects of outdoor photography such as landscape, wildlife, sports and travel. You get to know about the latest in photography equipment and how useful they are in outdoor photography.

Blind Spot Photography Magazines

If you are into art photography, which is a very unique form of photography then this is just the magazine for you. Specifically brought out for artists, collectors, curators, and designers, this magazine brings out the best of art photography ideas and the latest in the works of well-known art photographers. Fine work done by up and coming photographers are also seen here.

PC Photo Photography Magazines

PC photo magazine gives all details on digital photography and those wanting to foray into the digital way of taking photos will find this magazine giving them all that they need to know. It a boon for the Digital Photo Buffs and give tips on taking good digital photographs and all details on the latest in digital cameras, scanners and software.

Aperture Photography Magazines

Aperture magazine is meant for the serious photographer. It contains high-quality images well worth to buy, as they give readers a serious look on photography.

Photo District News (PDN) Photography Magazines

Photo district news (PDN) magazine is typically meant for the professional photographer. It brings out all that is the latest in the world of photography and showcases some very interesting portfolios. Photo district news (PDN) magazine brings out all the latest in photography techniques and photography products or equipment associated with photography. This award winning magazine caters to the finer nuances of photography as required by professional photographers.

Popular photography and imaging magazine

Popular photography and imaging magazine provides just the right information for all those interested in photography or who have taken to photography as a profession. You can see lots of good photos and read tips and techniques on the best photography results. It's meant for the amateur photographer as well as the professional.

WEDPIX Photography Article

If you can't find time to go though a printed magazine, you can try this magazine which is available online. Just go to online magazine websites to get all that's the latest in wedding photography. Articles, tips, great photos and much more interesting information is available here.

Practical Photography Magazine

Practical photography magazine is Britain's top photography magazine. It's got all that's required for photographers ranging from just beginners to high professionals. Great images, tips and techniques, plus advice on latest equipment and digital photography can be read here.

PHOTO Techniques Magazine

PHOTO techniques magazine offers something unique to readers because it enables them to get information on digital photography, details on the traditional type of photography details and on black and white photography as well.

Shutterbug Photography Magazines

If you have taken to photography as a profession and are looking towards some great tips, advice and information on all that's the latest in photography or for advice that will hone your photography skills this is the magazine to pick up and read. It got all that a professional photographer requires and much more.


Photography magazine are not just page with good looking photos, they contain a world of thought because each photographer will be showcasing something unique, distinct and a new way of sizing up or picturing a subject.

Photography magazines are available for everyone, right from beginners to professionals and are of great help with useful advice, tips and details on photography equipments. They are much to learn and as a photographer to get noticed it is one of the best forms of publicity for their work and skills.

Now- a - days all magazines which are mentioned above are all available on internet. Photography magazines of different categories as wedding photography, photography styles and photography stores information can get through online.

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