Phantom of the Opera Lyrics

Storyline of Phantom of the Opera

The storyline of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera revolves round a singer who becomes the obsession of a mysterious musical genius known as The Phantom of the Opera. It is learnt that the opera has been inspired by another musical version of the same story. So popular was the opera that it has been playing a Her Majesty's Theatre for the last 21 years.

Phantom of the Opera Cast

When the opera was staged for the first time more than two decades ago, Michael Crawford, who took up the role of the Phantom and Sarah Bright man who acted as Christine, mesmerized the entire crowd gathered at the Majestic theatre. Though yet to be confirmed, the opera is considered to be the longest running opera in the world. Phantom of the Opera beat the record held by Lloyd Webber's Cats.

Phantom of the Opera Identity

As far as Michael Crawford is concerned, he was born on 19 January 1942 in Salisbury, Wiltshire. He is an English actor and singer and won a number of critical acclaim and numerous awards in his illustrious career. He was popular in radio, television and stage shows.

Phantom of the Opera Definition (Meaning)

But what is an opera. Opera is basically a drama that is staged through music. While most of the operas are accompanied with orchestral overtures, there are others where the music is continuous. For all of us who think that an opera cannot attract crowds any longer, think again. It was the opera that is considered to be the most important theatrical development that took place in the early Ninetieth century and still continues to draw crowds in thousands

Hoe to Here Phantom of the Opera

So if you think you havesomehow missed the wonderful songs of The Phantom of The Opera, then don't worry. They are all available in the form of sheet music and can be downloaded

But, this is a very important note. Make it sure to listen to an opera before you attend a performance. This is important because it helps to familiarize you with the terms of Phantom of the Opera lyrics, songs of Phantom of the Opera. It is important to mention that opera is made up of arias and follow a pattern that begins with a tune. Then comes another tune and a reprise of the first tune. It is also important to read the libretto or words if possible.

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