Performing Arts

As per the name we can explain this as an art that we show by performing. The distinct feature of this art is that like plastic art it does not uses the metals or clay, etc but it uses the artist real or own body. Apart from art, this is a good source of entertainment too, as people in their free time go for these and enjoys it. We can also say that performing arts is an art where an actor or player acts or perform a particular role and try to give us the lesson behind story. Its all depends on the performance of an actor, that whether he/ she should be able to make the public understand the meaning and lesson of play in which he/ she is performing. We can classify performing Arts in three categories known as Music, Theater and Dance. Music: - This is a collective combination of music education and playing musical instrument. Though Indians are already famous for their classical music all over the world, and every year there should be a musical concert organized in order to promote art of music all over the world. Here a student studies the music subjects and try to learn its symbols, etc and also learn how to play the different music instruments. Professional and experienced musicians gives training to the new generation musicians. Theater: - Also known as play or drama and sometimes documentary movies are made for the purpose of promoting culture of a country all over the world which explains the ancient cultures, way of living, etc. This is nowadays most popular performing art. In this, a performer shows his/her acting skills in front of live audience. There are many famous Theater plays like Opera (even there’s a movie too made on Opera topic in Hollywood), Classical India dance, Chinese Opera, Ballet, etc. This is mostly based on cultures, historical event, Arts, etc. Dance: - This is basically described as a classical dance of a religion, or a country, which shows their tradition, or classical art of dancing. This is completely a non-verbal theme. And performers just show their action of dance and not do any verbal communication. Choreographer is a person who teaches the dance and choreography is known as a process that is art of making dance. Kathakali, kuchipudi, Odissi, Bharatanatayam, etc are few common examples of Indian classical dances. Now we are going to discuss Tampa bay performing Arts center this is one of the largest performing Arts complexes at south of Kennedy center and is established in 1987. As it is located in Tampa, Florida, it is named as Tampa bay performing Arts center. This complex is so much popular that it has five theaters, one rehearsal hall, retail shops and restaurants. Like Tampa bay, there is another Arts center known as Orange County performing Arts center. This complex is located in California. This is one of the oldest art complex and established in 1969. But it becomes famous in 1972 when another group is started to promote the performing art. Here most of events organized are specially Opera play, International Dance, etc. We have also to discuss about performing Arts schools and what role they play in making a perfect performer. One of a world-class famous school is Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS), which is established in 1990 in New York with the purpose of seek, develop and train the best professional performers in world of play or theaters. This school already provides us few of the brilliant performers named as Britney Spears, Connor Paolo, Claire Danes, etc. So, above are my views and thinking about Arts as a performance, its types, how much it is famous all over the world. Hope you all understand how relevant it is, after the above statement, even it’s a good source of Income too and a step to become famous too.

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