Performing Arts Dances

An Art could be defined as a creative means of expressing one's views about a particular theme. Painting is one of the first few things that would strike our minds when the word art is mentioned. In painting the performer of the art selects a theme and gives a colorful form to his/her view on the theme.

Apart from painting and other arts such as writing, knitting and sculpture making there is a different class of art that involves stage performances in order to express one's potential in such art. One such art which has been in practice from time immemorial and has constantly evolved is the art of dancing.

The art of dancing could be defined as a graceful way of responding to a particular type of music. The response is beautifully blended with style, footwork, facial expression, apt body language , hand movements and proper co- ordination of all these with the music as well as the fellow artists.

There are numerous kinds of dances that are well known throughout the world for their own type of music and style. It is beyond the scope of this article to get into detail about every dance.

Most commonly practiced as well as enjoyed dances are

  • Salsa
  • Tango

Sizzling Salsa

Salsa derives its origin from various types of Cuban, northern and Latin American dance styles. These have been combined to give form to salsa. It is a response to the type of music named Salsa. This type of music and dance is highly affected by African influence.

Salsa is considered a spot dance as partners do not use up much of the floor except when it is a stage performance given by a single couple. Though there are distinct solo steps Salsa is usually a partner dance. Cuban Son is considered as the ancestor of Salsa. Salsa has more sensuous and flirtatious nature than any of its ancestors.

Mesmerizing Tango

Tango is considered as a social dance which has its roots in Uruguay and Argentina. The style of music that has evolved with this dance is known as Tango as well. Ballroom Tango, Finnish Tango, Argentinean Tango and Uruguayan Tango are some of its kinds. Tango has an immense cultural association with love and romance and hence the elements of dance and music of Tango are well known in activities connected to dancing, synchronized swimming and figure skating

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