Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are the art of creating three-dimensional objects by making the use of paper. Paper crafting is very similar to origami crafting except for the fact that the final product in paper crafting is made out of patterns cut out from the paper and fitted together using glue. Paper crafting requires quite a lot of mathematical studies.

Factors need to be taken into consideration while paper crafting is the model's flat-fold ability as well as the usage of paper folds in solving mathematical equations.

Origami Crafting

Origami is a very old Japanese art of paper folding. Origami art aims to create a model or an object using certain geometric folds and crease patterns. Origami is referred to as all the types of paper crafting including the non-Asian ones. In origami, only a few different folds are used, but they are combined together in a different number of ways to create complicated designs. Normally, the designing is started with a flat sheet of paper with its sides painted with different colours.

Materials used in Paper crafts

Any soft laminar material is taken to make the folding in paper crafts. It is important to make proper selection of the materials to get a good final look of the folded model during paper crafting. Usually ordinary copy paper is used with weights around 70-90 g/m2 to design simple folds in paper crafts, for example, water bombs and cranes. The wet-folding technique can also be applied to get a robust and rigid model by using heavier papers of around 100g/m2. Special papers are available in crafting stores known as "kami" with sizes that range between 2.5 to 25 cm. These "kami" are coloured only at one side and the other side is left white. Multiple coloured and patterned papers are also available and these can be used for colour-changed models in paper crafts. The special Origami papers are a little lighter than the copy papers and this makes it more suitable for a greater range of models.

Foil-backed papers are sometimes used for intricate models. Foil-backed papers are made out of a thin foil which is glued to a thin sheet of paper. The foil-backed papers are commercially available in the crafting stores and they can be used with an array of complex models in paper crafts. The Japanese also uses a different type of origami paper known as the "Washi". Washi paper is usually a little tougher than copy papers and is made directly from the wood pulp. Several artisan papers also widely used in origami, such as the hanji, lokta, gampi, kozo, saa and a few others. These papers consist of long fibres and are very strong. The papers are resized with a chemical known as methylcellulose before folding is done with them. At the same time, the papers are very compressible and thin, which enables them to be used in models such as insects. Bank notes from different countries are also popularly used in paper crafting or origami.

Card Making Ideas

You can make card making as a nice hobby to enjoy with your friends and family. Making greeting cards is easy and inexpensive. The only thing that you need to start off with card making is a bit of creativity and perseverance.

The best thing about card making is that when you start making one, you will realise that most of the paper crafts supplies are present in your house. To make a basic greeting card, the most you will need is a cutter, glue, paper and pencils.

Before you start off, make sure that you have kept all the scrap paper. The scrap paper can be punched out to get the "punchies" which can be later used for decorating purposes. If you are planning to make cards for your kids, make sure that you use washable inkpads since all kids enjoy stamping all over their hands.

You should practise keeping a notebook where you can jot down all the card making ideas whenever you are free. You can make the masking tape less stickier by putting in on your jeans or clothing before you apply them on the card. Once you have made your card, make sure that you have glued on your desired embellishments on them and used the right kind of font to write on them.

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