Palace of Fine Arts

When you go to different places, you come across a number of breath-taking and mesmerizing monuments. All over the world there are a number of monuments which have a unique history behind it. Infact each of them has a story backing its constructions like The Statue of Liberty which was a gift from the French to the Americans, the story behind The Eiffel Tower, etc. One such monument is called Palace of Fine Arts which is located in San Francisco, California in USA.The Palace of fine arts was earlier built for the exposition between Panama and Pacific exposition. Palace of fine arts was built by Bernard R. Maybeck. Palace of fine arts is situated in the Marina district of San Francisco.

Palace of fine arts was built on the lines of Greek and Roman Medieval architecture. Palace of fine arts was built in 1915. Now Palace of fine arts has been reconstructed and converted into science museum. Palace of fine arts has Piranesi engraving on it. Few know that Palace of fine arts is also a part of celebration on the completion of the restructuring of the city of San Francisco after the earthquake of 1905. In 1915 Palace of fine arts housed a total of 11,000 works of arts.

The Palace of fine arts has also witnessed a lot of weddings taking place. Due to Palace of fine arts romantic and breezy location and background, lots of couples in San Francisco think Palace of fine arts as an ideal place to get married. Palace of fine arts roman architecture lends palace a mysterious edge as well as the dome and the colonnades make a picturesque backdrop. Although the recent years have seen a decline in the Palace and restoration activities have been launched to protect this American Heritage.

There is a theater in Palace of fine arts where a number of events, concerts, as well as pageants take place on a regular basis.

A lot of movies have also been shot near Palace of fine arts. Till Palace of fine arts restoration activity began it was one of Hollywood's favorite locations. Famous blockbusters like Vertigo, The Rock, The Bachelor, etc. have featured the Palace of fine arts in them.

There are also migratory birds in the sea water around the Palace of fine arts. One can also find ducks, turtles as well as frogs are also seen in the Palace of fine arts. There are also exotic trees surrounding the Palace of fine arts. These exotic trees form a pretty picture to Palace of fine arts.

The other monument or landmark of San Francisco is The Golden Gate. San Francisco is said to have been devastated by an earthquake in 1906. The present city was rebuilt after that earthquake. San Francisco is the fourth most populated city of California and fourteenth most populated city of North America.

The Palace of fine arts is one of the most important heritages of North America as well as California. Other Palace of fine arts in the world situated in Thailand, one in Budapest and in Mexico City. The Palace of fine arts in Thailand is located in Phuket. It is famous for its Thai, Cambodian and Burmese antique and decors.

The collection available there is on sale and it is an art gallery famous for its unique collection of antiques. The Hall of Art and even commonly known as Palace of Art is situated in Budapest. Palace of arts was built in 1895 and Palace of arts is an exhibition hall which houses various Hungarian arts. There is one more Palace of arts which was built in 2005 in Budapest itself. Palace of arts is a concert hall and theater.

Palace of arts is a part of Millennium city center, which was built in Budapest. The palace of Arts in Mexico City also known Palacio De Bellas Artes built between 1904 and 1934 is a cultural centre now. palace of Arts in Mexico City contains large theater, concert hall and also has a museum which displays popular works of arts. There are murals displayed in the lobby of the palace. These murals are by Diego Riveria and Jose Clemente Orozco. The palace of Arts in Mexico City mainly promotes the art and culture of Mexico.

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