Orange Country Performing Arts

Performing Arts refers to an art that is created by performing a role. The distinct feature of this art is that like plastic arts it does not uses the metals or clay, etc but it uses the artist real or own body. Apart from art, this is a good source of entertainment too, as people in their free time go for these and enjoys it.

We can also say that in performing arts where an actor or player acts or perform a particular role and try to give us the lesson behind story. We can classify performing arts in three categories known as Music, Theater and Dance.

Orange Country performing arts, this theater is categorized as one of the famous performing theaters. The objective of this theater is it provides supporting artistic excellence on all its stages and it was founded in 1986 with seating arrangement of approximately 250 seats in the hall.

The objective of Orange Country performing arts center is to support artistic excellence on all of its stages and engaging the entire community in new and exciting ways through an array of inspiring programs. This play really an important role in enhancing the skills of a performing artist, and even they have training center too where these upcoming artist can do their practice.

Last year, in 2006 this theater is expanded to about 2000 more seats for the audiences. If speaking about features of Segerstorm Center of arts Hall, it has a magnificent glass facade curving gracefully across the exterior.

There is Segerstorm hall present here, which is the most famous one. This center also offers its family series, for featuring artists and ensembles that are shared by children on weekends. After the brand success of its plays and shows, the center presents an annual Broadway series and has made Costa Mesa a required stop for all national Broadway tours. As we all know that performances in concerts and plays are still popular and gave us brief information of history too.

So above we had tried to give a brief description of arts, then the famous center of Orange Country Performing arts, its halls, its theaters, its popularity, Segerstorm Hall, seating arrangement, etc.

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