NewNowNext Awards 2016

December, 2016
Host Newnownext Awards 2015
Edition Time Network


The NewNowNext Awards is an entertainment awards show held every year in America. These awards were launched in 2008 by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-themed channel known as Logo. These awards are presented to pop culture icons, trend setters and also to the stars on the rise. It celebrates the latest trend in TV, music, film and fashion for the present year and beyond. The Logo NewNowNextAwards is the only highly praised and always unpredictable telecast that calls out for everything in popculture that gets the gay stamp of approval.

Categories of the award:

Unlike other awards, the NewNowNext awards are featured with different categories. The typical categories are:

  • Brink of Fame Actor
  • OMFG Internet Award
  • Best Show You’re Not Watching
  • Best New Indulgence
  • Most Addictive Reality Star
  • 'Cause You’re Hot
  • Best Future Feature
  • Brink of Fame Music Artist
  • Brink of Fame Comic
  • Always Next, Forever Now Award