Nature Photography

Nature photography is the term that is given to the genre of photography which deals with outdoor photographs and displays natural sceneries like wildlife, landscapes and plants. In nature photography, more emphasis is put on the artistic features of the photo other than any other photography genres.

Nature photography in Publications

Nature photographs are displayed in numerous scientific and travel magazines, for example, the Audubon Magazine, the National Geographic Magazine, Nature's Best Photography and many others.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography captures the exquisiteness of the natural world. In landscape photography, human activities are avoided in the photographs. The objectives of the photographs are to capture the weather, landforms and ambient light.

Landscape photographs are done with wide angle lens and a camera tripod. It is important to use small apertures to get the maximum depth of field. Medium or large format systems are used by many photographers to capture all the possible details.

Landscape photography is a powerful tool to encourage environmental stewardship. The images of exquisite untouched places help to bring those rapidly diminishing areas into the eyes of the common people. A number of reputed landscape photographers contribute photographs to environmental organisations.

These organisations also store the work of amateur photographers for future preservation works. A reputed annual calendar known as the Greenpeace displays nature photography in print. In their calendars, you will be able to witness some of the most amazing nature photography. The attraction towards nature and wildlife is harmonious to the creating of dazzling landscape photographs.

Wildlife Photography

The aim of wildlife photography is to capture exotic animals in their natural habitats. Usually the photographs are taken when they are in action, for example when they are eating, fighting or mating. Although most of the wildlife photographs are taken in the wild, they are also shot quite frequently in game farms or zoos.

Wildlife photography has different techniques from nature photography. In wildlife photography, specialised cameras are required with wider apertures for faster shutter speeds to lock the subject's motion whereas in nature photography the photographers select small apertures. Photographs are also taken with long telephoto lenses from long distances. For the telephoto lenses, tripods are needed to hold the camera still. Numerous photographers make use of camouflage or blinds.

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