Music - Lyrics

When scribbled thoughts straight from the heart to the paper are blended with appropriate music touching various tender hearts, the result is obvious. Millions of people sway along with your tune repeatedly falling in love with your lyrics. Expressing plethora of emotions the limit is not just set to laughing and crying. It does touch you; move you by expressing the deepest feelings even of which you were unknown before.

An expression of your mood

A lonely soul finds a partner while a betrayed one shares its feelings by living in its beautiful fictional world where there is someone to whom he can open his heart wide.

Some lyrics navigates through your sub-conscious mind and take you to the world which you desire to live in the most while some makes you remember earnestly. The music binded along with the string of words acts as a catalyst to cover the distance to the doorway to heart of the listeners.

Music without lyrics

One question often lingers around in our mind - do we need to first understand the lyrics in order to enjoy the music? Well, the answer is YES!

Just as you can not enjoy food without salt, similarly you can not enjoy a song without understanding the lyrics.

A song often carries a beautiful message besides its tap footing tune, so in order to enjoy the music one must try to dig deep inside and link the words to the rhythm of the song which offers deep and hidden meanings.

But, you may think that the rock music which is topping the charts today barely allows us to understand the lyrics. It has nothing to offer but a noisy background which occupies the space in DJ parties, discos and pubs. Trust me, it is not the case. I have some of my favorite rock bands, and the lyrics of their music or song is simply awesome and amazing and they are so heart touching! All you need to do is, get hold of the lyrics behind the hard rock music.

What touches more - music or lyrics?

Sometimes it is the lyrics while sometimes it is the music which makes us cry or even tap our feet on the dancing floor. The music lyrics of the 80's gives us the taste of the social conditions prevailing at that time which was full of reverence sans violence or abuse but to compare the golden era with today's trend is synonymous to a big sin.

A boon

Lyrics of the song are very important as they many times help us connect to our inner self, to our soul. There are times when thoughts simply overpower our mind and we do not know how to take them out, listening to songs then, helps us lighten up. This is possible only because of the lyrics!

A bane

Music lyrics have undergone fathomless changes with the introduction of rock music. With the rock music lyrics being explicitly particular with references to sex, drugs and violence even a small child is graphically aware of these issues. These derogatory music lyrics are not only available in the market but unfortunately are even topping the charts. It is this type of music which is contributing to the rising juvenile crime, teen pregnancy and teen's suicide. Such lyrics pose a threat to the youth of the country by pushing them to the path full of thorns.

Music lyrics are not just part of our entertainment but also act as an identity of the teenager helping him to define various sub-cultural and social boundaries. According to a new study violent music lyric is the sole cause of the aggressive behavior in the teenagers.

Music is an intrinsic part of a teen's life. On an average a youth listens to the music for about 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day which ranges from amorous and playful to debasing and pestilent. Exposure of teens to such disgraceful themes has led to increasing sexual misadventures.

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