Music and Arts

Music and arts have forever had a close and intertwined relationship. Infact, music in itself is a form of art. However, the term “Art-Music” specifically pertains to a genre that deals with serious or classical music that lays a high emphasis on the technical and theoretical aspect on music.

Music and arts may be losing its popularity to pop-culture, but it still has a select set of learners and a niche audience.

Two universally acclaimed institutions for music and art learning are:

  • Los Angeles Music and Art School
  • Music and Arts Center Rockville

Los Angeles Music and Art School

  • Founded in 1945 and located in East LA, Los Angeles Music and Art School is a non-profit organization that makes art education accessible to every person who wants to learn music and art.
  • In Los Angeles music and art school the programs offered are economical. Admission to the Los Angeles music and art school is given regardless of age, profession, talent of other individual attributes.
  • Los Angeles music and art school also offers summer programs for young children that teach all forms of art-dance, theatre, art and music in a single capsulated program.
  • Classes in all disciplines commence throughout the year and the duration of the program can be decided upon by the student of music and arts school.
  • The art faculty in Los Angeles music and art school comprise of eminent scholars and talented people in respective disciplines.
  • The Los Angeles music and art school is supported by many prominent personalities and celebrities who have lent their hand in sponsorship and organization of many events.

Music and Arts Center Rockville

  • Offers course in instrumental and vocal music for people across all ages.
  • Has a renting facility for students so that they can hone their musical skills without spending too much on instruments.
  • The instruments available for rental are quality-checked by professionals and have a strong back-up of reputed brand names.
  • The center also has a musical instrument store with trained staff that helps a student with selecting the right instrument and also provide for services and repairs thereafter.
  • The store is also equipped with other musical and orchestra equipment and accessories.
  • Provides for private, customized lessons to ensure individual attention.
  • The teaching faculty in Music and Arts Center Rockville comprises of experienced musicians and instructors.
  • Music and Arts Center Rockville center has branches at numerous locations and caters to students from many areas.

Art and Music Therapy:

  • The positive effects of creative music and arts on the human mind have been acknowledged since time immemorial.
  • In recent times, researchers have identified the application of art and music as therapeutic mediums.
  • These forms of expression have proven to be effective in various physical, mental and emotional imbalances in both adults and children- particularly in those with special needs.
  • music and Art therapy has now been recognized as a distinct and individual entity in alternative therapy.

How does Music-Therapy Work?

  • Music can have a energizing or a relaxing effect and has shown positive results in some forms of depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Music also stimulated learning, emotional development and grasping skills which is why it can be used for individuals with special needs and dyslexia.
  • Since music is a familiar zone, most people open themselves easily to the idea of music therapy as opposed to other forms of treatment.
  • Creating music is a form of expression and can have a cathartic effect by releasing negative pent-up emotions.

How does Art-Therapy Work?

  • Expression through forms and colors compensates for the incapability to express thoughts verbally.
  • Drawing, sketching and coloring promote development of cognitive and motor skills.
  • Creativity and boosted imagination gives way to confidence and better self esteem.
  • Visual learning is most effective when conventional forms of education do not seem to work.

Indulging in any form of creative art is a soul enriching and a spiritually liberating experience.

Music and Art Therapy as a Profession:

  • Only a trained person can assume the role of a music and art therapist.
  • This form of therapy solely relies upon the intimate and sensitive communication between the subject and the therapist.
  • Many universities offer certificate courses and degrees in Creative Art Therapy.
  • Helping an individual to attain physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being is a very rewarding experience.
  • Personal attributes like patience, genuine concern and a positive attitude are also important in this profession.

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