Music across the World

William Shakespeare once quoted in his play "The Twelfth Night" that" If Music is food of love, then play on…." Music is an essential part of our life. As popular saying goes, there is music in everything. Music can soothe a depressing mood as well as uplift us. Music is an important part of our everyday life. In this Internet world, people download music on regular basis. Music has different genres like pop, rock, jazz, retro, country, classical, etc. Music is an art and there is not a single person who doesn't like to listen to music in any form. However there is a certain section of music lovers who have taken and transformed music into an art and are promoting it all over the world. Music and art technically means traditional music. This traditional music can be in any language.

Music as an art breaks the language barriers and for these music enthusiasts their soul purpose is to enjoy this music. There is lots of music and arts centre where music lovers teach different genres of music as well as the instruments like violin, guitar, piano, mandolin etc. Here the main aim of the music lovers is to instill the spirit of loving the music among people as well as to polish the knowledge about music.

There are also numerous music and art >stores all over the worlds, which sell the record of these artists as well as the merchandise like t-shirts, caps, musical instruments, etc. These artists are not the normal commercial artists and their music is not the commercial music we hear. They promote art music, which is a little different from the commercial music.

The art music is more traditional and is the form of music, which is developed following the rules, laid down by the maestros. Art music too has its genres like jazz, pop, rock and country but this has a traditional ring to it. The music and art stores sell the records created by these artists.

The music and arts lovers apart from having centers and stores throughout the country also organizes various festivals all over the world to make people aware of this form of music. One of such festivals is held in Manchester, Tennessee in the United States. It is called the Bonnaroo music and arts festival.

It's a four-day festival held every year in Tennessee in the Coffee County of Manchester. The arena where this festival is held can house more than 2 lakh people and the most surprising thing is it is jam packed year after year. The tickets are sold out the minute they are available in the market.

This festival caters to all genres of music like >hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock, metal, retro, country, classics etc. Bonnaroo is one of the most important events in the yearly calendar of music. This music festival has contributed a lot in the economy of Coffee Coutny. According to the sources a major chunk of income relies on the income generated from this festival.

Other such festivals are Riverfront Music and Arts festival and Belmont Music and arts festivals, both of them are held in US annually. Infact Belmont is one of the prestigious music festivals held in Roscoe Village in Illinois county of US. Belmont Music Festival lasts for two days and with a minimal entry fee of $5, this festival is open for all. Here unlike other festivals, the local artists of Roscoe are invited to perform and it's held in the streets of Roscoe. Basically this festival not only promotes the tourism of this village but also the art and culture of Roscoe is reflected. It is mainly organized by the Roscoe village' Commerce of Chamber.

It is our duty to cultivate the art of music among the future generations and also to instill the interest of people in the music of our culture.

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