Museums - Arts Galleries

What is a Museum?

Museum is a place where a huge collection of exhibits, generally related to our past history are put forth for view by the public. Seeing is believing. Hence the visual impact is more credible for education, information, acquisition of knowledge and wisdom by any one. Museums are based on this vital concept and serve the humanity at large to a very great extent.

What is an Art Gallery?

Art Galleries are part and parcel of museums and share the same concept of visual taste of people. In every museum there is sure to be an art-gallery which shows artifacts of the genre of the relative period or people exhibited in the museum in a separate room or hall, neatly arranged with titles and superscripts of identification. Unlike museums, art galleries are showing contemporary life also - both for informative or commercial purposes - by conducting exhibitions of mainly paintings by great artists for the pleasure of viewing as well as sale.

The importance and usage of Museums and Art Galleries

We are now aware of the evolution of the mankind from the primitive ages into crowds of people, formation of empires, the rise and fall of kings, princes and emperors in history, the lifestyle and culture of those who lived centuries and ages before us. All these knowledge of education/information is supported and certified by museums and art galleries only. Otherwise how are we to know, the Queen Victoria of England lived in Royal elegance or Hitler massacred hundreds of thousands of Jews in his time when we were not even born? These historical events are testified with exhibits and passed on to us by the museums alone - right? The architectural marvels of Rome, the great paintings of Leonardo Deviancy of Italy, the Egyptian mummies and pyramids, the statistical facts of building the monumental Taj Mahal of India have come to our knowledge only by the curators of museums who have painstakingly collected the showpieces and depicted them to the future generations wonderfully.

Museums and art galleries of fame

There would certainly be a museum and art gallery in every state capital or important town wherever you go the world over, standing as mute testimony of their individual culture and events of historical importance. There are a number of popular and famous museums in every country, including private museums like The Madame Tussauds Museum in New York, U.S.A., exhibiting life-like wax models of celebrities like George W Bush etc,

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