Modern Country Music

Country music is the blend of the popular musical niche that began in the Southern America and the Appalachian Mountains. This music type has originated from the traditional folk music, old time music, gospel music, and the Celtic music.

History of Modern Country Music

Its history has its origin in the traditional and folk music played by the first colonists to reach America. The first country music started making surges in the United States in as early as 1920s. The songs were very personal, touchy and subjective which expressed loneliness, individualism, love and somber themes. The term itself acquired popularity in the year 1940s and it was widely acclaimed in the year 1970s.

Famous Artists

Vernon Dalhart was the maiden artist who recorded the first genre hit. Some of the famous and known artists are: Johnny Cash, Kitty Wells, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty, George Jones, Carter Family, Buck Owen, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Bob Wills, and Patsy Cline. Today in country music we are gifted with some very talented artists as well, like Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean and of course many more.

Musical Instrument

Unlike other genres like blue, hip hop, and jazz, country music remained popular since decades. Country music has an immense impact and now is one of the best-selling genres just next to rock/pop. The most famous  musical instruments in the niche are the fiddle (or violin), the guitar, the banjo, the dobro, the steel guitar, the zither, bass guitar, the autoharp, the accordion, the piano, the mandolin, drums and washboards.

Top Selling Solo Artists

The country music has given two of the top selling ever green solo artists. One of these is Elvis Presley, the unarguably remarkable country music figure that has broken records during his time. Another is Garth Brooks whose 128 million albums were sold making him the top-domestic selling solo artist in the history of the U.S.

Journey of Country Music

Though it has been a prominent music genre of the ancient years, country music experienced its sudden downturn in the year 2000 with the dawn of the music genres like hip hop, pop, and alternative rock. It recovered in the year 2006 and even got its best years. From then onwards, move and more country music artists have been playing a vital role in boosting the music industry.
The idea of this music is appreciated by most of people due to its simplicity, fascinating rhythm and the interesting storyline that synchronies with the lines of the song.

Famous Music Artists of All Time

Since 2006, modern country music has discovered various artists that are now making big name in the music industry.

The following are today’s modern music figures and groups that composed some of the most notable country songs of this generation:

Lady Antebellum

It is a music group that originated from Nashville, Tennessee. In the members Dave Haywood took hold of background vocals, piano, guitar, etc. Charles Kelley handled the background and lead vocals and Hilary Scott was also expert in the background and lead music. The group came into existence in 2007 where they guessed on Jim Brickman’s single “Never Alone”. They reach the height of popularity in the year 2008 when they composed and released their self-titled album and then had certified platinum records with their songs. Lady Antebellum song “I run to you” became all time hit and a number one song in the charts in 2009, followed by “Need you now”. The group continues to top the chart hits all through the way and now have released their second album.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was yet another country music artist who is one of the most famous solo artists of modern time. Her debut song “Tim McGraw” in the year 2006 reached number 6 on Billboard charts. Her next solo songs also hit the top charts making Taylor Swift a very famous young country music artist of this generation.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is an American country singer who made it big in the music industry by releasing eleven consecutive albums that hit the top songs Jon the Billboard album charts.

Keith Urban

He is an Australian country music artist who hailed from New Zealand. He’s a singer, composer, song writer and guitarist and is very famous around Australia and United States due to his wonderful chart topping country songs.

Rascal Flatts

It is Columbus, Ohio based American boy band which was there in the music industry from 2000 and have released chart six studio albums plus, the greatest hit album. Twenty four of their singles have made it to the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Today also, their songs continue to mesmerize hearts of many country song lovers.

Those are a few of the contributors of today’s modern country music. There are myriads of worth stating artists who are striving hard to keep the country music alive.


Country music has changed in the recent years, different themes to sing about, various  instruments, but its soul remains the same and continues to maintain itself as different from other latest commercial music. It is a genre that will remain in the hearts of common man and always be popular.

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