Metropolitan Opera


Opera can be defined as a caricature of drama blended with an intense interference of musical background. It traces its roots back to ancient Greece. But today's opera is just remains of the great Grecian music that captivated millions of heart and also influenced their emotions. This article describes one of the associations that have devoted its work to enhance the charm of Operas and present it to people in a right way.

New York's one of the most well known musical organization which expertise in classical music is Metropolitan. Since it's inception in 1880 it has been staging 240 Opera Shows annually. All kinds of Operas including Grand Opera are being presented here. Lincoln Center of Performing Arts incorporates as one of its members Metropolitan Opera Association as well.

Some History for Knowledge

The early members of this premier association were from the elite families of the society like Roosevelt, Morgan and Astor families. The inaugural season was presided over by Henry Abbey as the association's manager. Currently the manager is Gelb, Peter. From the mid year 2006 he started forming his plans to take the association in an enlightened path. His plans include increased production annually. This association is a lot dependent on private financing. Gelb was previously working for Sony.

Other works carried out by the MET

Not only the conducting shows the Met also specializes in radio broadcasts which entertains people and leaves their heart to crave for hearing more. The tradition so far is the commencement of radio shows during the first few days of December. It goes on till the month of May of the subsequent year.

Present Scenario of MET

At present the Metropolitan Opera House run by the association accommodates 3800 seats. This is the Lincoln Center situated in the famous Lincoln Square. The location provides the viewers with lot of other entertainment options other than just watching the Metropolitan Opera Shows. The Opera House has an inbuilt electronic system featuring a translator of Operas in English for the convenience of the viewers. It also boasts one of the largest curtains in the world. The modern Met which was established in 1996 staged the show Anthony and Cleopatra of Samuel as its first show. Each week at least seven shows presented by five different production companies are staged here. In the year 1999 as well 2000 the metropolitan Opera House served as a platform to present to the world the most modern "MTV music awards". The opera is a perfect blend of tradition and modernization.

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