Metal Crafts

Metal craft is an creative art form which involves artistic expression through the use of metals as aluminum metals, silver metals etc. Metal crafting also uses:

  • Metal Blacksmithing
  • Metal Casting
  • Metal Chasing
  • Metal Forging and
  • Metal Welding

Application of Metal crafts:

Apart from professional services, there are many self-help metal crafts tools and metal crafts kits in the market for those who want to adopt metal crafting as a hobby. These metal crafts kits allow an enthusiast to experiment and create new functional and ornamental items out of different metals as aluminum, copper, silver metals and even expand this skill to the level of entrepreneurship.

Metals can be molded and crafted to suit either aesthetic or utilitarian purposes. Metal craft can be put to many different uses such as:

  • Interior metal craft decorations
  • Outdoor metal craft landscaping
  • Furniture metal crafting
  • Construction and maintenance of metal crafts
  • Architecture and home fittings of metal crafts.
  • Jewellery crafting

Metal rings come in varied shapes, sizes and textures and have a versatile utility. In jewellery designing, they are used to bead stones or pearls and in embroidered needlework; whereas, in hardware manufacture, they can be crafted into door knockers or applied in the designing and manufacture of other equipment.

Metal craft Tools:

Metal craft kits or metal craft tool kits come with user-friendly tools which aid in customizing a creation. Some common metal crafts tools are:

  • Punch and Shears for cutting and making holes
  • Riveting, bending and rolling tools
  • Scroll Formers
  • Twisters and
  • A multi-functional strip worker.

American Metal crafts Ideas:

American metal crafts located in Illinois, american metal crafts incorporation offers custom-made metal fittings and metal crafts products at an economical price. American metal crafts products used for

  • Home interiors and exteriors metal crafting,
  • Metal grills crafting,
  • sunscreens and
  • Metal panels.

Another company by the same name (American Metalcraft Inc.) has the commercial food services chain. American Metalcraft Inc offers sleek and innovative designs in:

  • Table-top accessories
  • Bar fittings accessories
  • Dinner ware and trays accessories
  • Kitchen accessories supplies.

Northwest Metal crafts Ideas

Northwest Metal crafts founded in 1945 and situated in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Northwest Metalcraft company has carved a niche for itself in the arena of classy and elegant home fittings.

  • Northwest Metalcraft company possesses a lavish showroom complete with a wide choice of ready-to-buy products ranging from umbrellas, patio furniture, grills and mailboxes to fireplaces, bar accessories and outdoor cushions.
  • The store harbors products and designs from the best brands from all over the world especially an array of international designs in patio furniture.
  • Northwest Metalcraft company have also introduced an online catalog and store to make shopping a comfortable, convenient and pleasurable experience for customers.

Hamilton Metal crafts Ideas:

Located in Pasadena, California, Hamilton Metalcraft manufactures functional and utilitarian metal parts used in construction and automobile engineering. The company specializes in fabricated metal sheets and has an experience of over thirty years behind it. Some products offered are:

  • Fabricated sheet metal for chassis manufacture
  • High endurance metal parts
  • Metal panels
  • Dust cover
  • Square and rectangular seamless cases
  • Card cages and
  • Cabinets

Custom Metalcrafts:

Founded in 1977 and located in Springfield, MO, Custom Metalcraft specializes in custom-made stainless steal equipment for domestic and industrial application – particularly liquid processing machinery. The product manufacture is backed up with state-of-art technology and quality raw materials. Some products are:

  • Intermediate Bulk Containers,
  • Portable Tanks,
  • Pressure Vessels,
  • Reactors,
  • Process Tanks,
  • Column Lifts,
  • Heat Exchangers,
  • Dumpers,
  • Blenders,
  • Conveyors,
  • Open-Top Vats and
  • Custom engineered equipment and systems.

Custom Metalcraft is well-known for its world-class customized wine-making.

New Metal crafts:

With a rich history of 75 years, New Metal crafts holds a reputation for unique and specialized services. Their offers include:

  • Designer lighting fixtures
  • Antique and vintage items
  • Residential and import lighting and
  • Custom lighting and lighting restoration for historical monuments and structures.

Sheet Metal crafts:

Located in Invercargill,New Zealand, Sheet Metalcraft Ltd primarily deals with sheet metal fabrication and metal engineering services like:

  • General sheet metal
  • Marine engineering
  • Installation and services
  • Aluminum metallurgy

Case Study:

Therefore, the scope of metal craft appears to be broad and highly varied. Metal Crafting can be categorized as follows:

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