Martial Arts Weapons

To know about the weapons of martial arts, first we have to discuss what is Martial Art?

Martial Art is basically an art where you need some specialized skills and techniques to fight against your opponent. The main motive of martial art is not to attack but to defend. This specially includes fighting skills and techniques.

There are lots of martial arts present today, these are

  • Karate
  • Kung Fu
  • Okinawa
  • Kali
  • Tae kwon do

Now, if we are discussing about the martial arts weapons, we let you that in different martial arts different martial arts weapons are used, and even in some martial arts, there is no need for weapon too. We should always be careful when we are using these martial art weapons as due to carelessness it can hurt you.

Some of the famous martial art weapons are:

  • Martial Arts Bow and Arrow - Most common martial art weapons people generally used during martial arts, They are having many martial art weapons types, Korean Bow, Crossbow, and Yumi are among few famous martial art weapons.
  • Martial Arts Knife - These include all those weapons that are very sharp in nature and used commonly in martial arts. Some of them are Kris, Dagger, Deer Horn Knives, Kunai, etc.
  • Martial Arts Stick Weapons - Also a type of commonly used martial art weapon includes Otta, Kubotan, Tambo, Yawara, etc.
  • Martial Arts Sword - The most attractive weapons used in martial arts. Some common swords are Dao, Bolo, Bokken, arming Sword, Japanese Sword, etc.
  • Martial Arts Soft weapons - Apart from the above sharp weapons there are few common soft weapons which is used in martial arts like Urumi, Rope dart, Whip, Chain Whip, etc.

Most common used martial arts are:

  • Karate - Most Common Japanese art, it's a concept related to classica martial arts. This is basically a way of hand fighting, like in China it is known as Chinese hand and IN Japan it is known as empty hand martial art.
  • Kung Fu - Kung Fu is a termed as a Chinese martial art. And most common martial art of Asia. If you are not doing this properly or systematically then it may hurt your body muscles and you feel the pain or stress in your body. So, if you are doing this always be alert to do it systematically.
  • Tae Kwon Do - Tae Kwon Do is a Korean concept, or we can say that it is a Korean way of self - defense or martial art. Here Tae stand for player to jump, kick, and strike with the use of our foot, Kwon stands for adding fist or strike with the use of hand in the action, whereas do is the way of art.

These martial arts are now so much popular that it is commonly used in schools at all over the world, whether these are teach in assembly period or in Sports period, depends on the authorization. This may result that there are lots and lots of karate kids coming all over the world. Even there are a sport too where kids can do karate as a play. This helps them in built confidence and they can do their self-defense too. Hope you all are satisfied as per the above.

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