Martial Arts Training

Martial arts is a great window into different ranges of art and it is through this prism that rest of the world looks at body strength. As such, the system of codified practices, exercises and procedures of training to fight is called martial arts.There are various aspects of each art, so does the martial art posses. A person may learn it for self defense, fitness, sport, mental strength, character development, increasing self-confidence or so. The reason for learning martial art may be many, but the basic goal for martial art remains the same, that is, to defend a competitor in physical terms. However, that may be done out of self-defense or a combat.

Historically, the cultural tradition of teacher-discipline has been followed for the teachings of martial art in Asia. Candidates are trained by a strict instructor and the instructor is held responsible or the direct supervision and training of them.

The students are expected to remember Martial arts verbally, the Martial arts rules and Martial arts disciplines of the specified form of art. China has always been a highlight in case of martial arts. Being the neighbor, India also became the center for martial arts, especially the North- eastern and Himalayan regions.

The features of East Asian martial arts also attracted the west. The interest emerged in late 19th century with the increase in trade between America, china and Japan. In early 20th century the catch wrestling contests waved their popularity at its peaks. The existence of martial arts has been so historical that no one can define from where it started and who the founder was.

It was not only Asian countries that got attracted to martial arts rather an excitement also worked in United States of America. The natives of America have their own share of Martial arts training academy Martial arts training techniques, Martial arts training methods, from their childhood only. They are trained to use bows, knives, blowguns etc and considered themselves to be the warriors.

Well, the world of martial arts is not only confined to the world of combat, rather it has established itself in the field if entertainment, sports and meditation. The combination of meditation and martial arts may seem strange to you. But "truths are stranger than fiction" and so is the meditation aspect related to martial arts.

Martial arts always enhance the endurance and mental strength of a person. Martial arts is a great source to achieve mental satisfaction and built self-confidence.

There are various forms of martial arts, which can be enlisted as:

  • Martial arts Judo

  • Martial arts Tai-chi

  • Martial arts Karate

  • Martial arts Jujitsu

  • Martial arts Kung-fu

  • Martial arts Kempo

  • Martial arts Aikido

  • Martial arts Tae Kwan Do

Each Martial arts form posses its own unique style and tactics to combat. The different Martial arts styles are basically categorized on the basis of their use of grapping and striking techniques and their style of work out. The Martial arts work out strategies involves the circular or linear motions and relaxed or strenuous ways.

Grappling technique involves the styles of throws, holds, joint locks, takedowns, chokes and other body movements, which resist attacks. The striking Martial arts technique is quiet opposite to that of grappling as it involves hitting the competitor rather to resist. It involves punches, kicks, blocks etc. Well, each form of art has its own Martial arts weapons to deal upon. Swords, nanchakus, Bo staffs, Kamas, tonfas, batons, Sais are mere few examples of martial arts weapons. Apart from energy, time and hard work martial art trainers involves many kinds of equipments to train their students. The Martial arts equipments may be enlisted as punching bags, body shields, striking bags, breaking boards and so on.

Despite of the fact that martial art is an art to combat, its charm has been flourishing on the whole. Rather now-a-days, female strata of the society are also involved so as to train them for self-defense. Moreover, official training of Martial arts kung fu and Martial arts tae-Kwan-do is also provided to the cops. To cut short, martial arts is an art that is a boon to society until it is used with a positive approach.

If we are discussing Martial arts then it is necessary to discuss Martial arts Tae Kwon do and Martial arts Kung fu, because without these topics Martial Arts are incomplete. Martial arts Tae Kwon Do is a Korean concept, or we can say that Martial arts Tae Kwon Do is a Korean way of self-defense or martial art. Tae Kwon Do is one of the most commonly used martial art all over the world. Here Tae stand for player to jump, kick, and strike with the use of our foot, Kwon stands for adding fist or strike with the use of hand in the action, whereas do is the way of art.

The history of Tae Kwon Do game is started in 1910 in Korea, Tae Kwon Do become popular after their independence in 1950. Like Tae Kwon Do, another important martial art is Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a termed as a Chinese martial art. And most common martial art of Asia, even I too had attends the classes of Kung Fu in our school in Assembly or sometimes games period. Apart from a self-defense it relates to a medium of sport and fun too, and we people really enjoyed it.

We people learned just the basic of Kung fu, and not goes to advance level, as advance one is tough to learn and apply for many students. And if you are not doing this properly or systematically then it may hurt your body muscles and you feel the pain or stress in your body. So, if you are doing this always be alert to do it systematically.

There are lots and lots of martial arts training schools all over the world. Some of martial arts training schools teaches ancient martial arts and some modern martial arts, except Japan and China everywhere Modern martial arts are preferred. Few famous martial arts training schools are Demas Schools of European Martial Arts, Eastern ways Martial Arts Schools, Wing Chun Martial Art Schools Clubs, Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy, West Los Angeles Karate School, Petaluma Academy Of Martial Arts (PAMA), Hamilton School Of Martial Arts, these are the world famous martial art schools. Even in India too, you find lots of martial arts training School here in India too, there are martial arts Karate training School in Vishakapatnam, Dragon School of Self Defense in Nasik, Alice project school, Sarnath, etc.

So, above I am trying to express my views on Martial arts meaning, world famous martial arts like Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu, their history and role of martial art schools, and where it is located. Hope you all are satisfied with my views.