Martial Arts Training - I

Martial arts are a kind of art that we people used for self-defense from the enemies. The main motive of martial art is not to attack but to defend. This specially includes fighting skills and techniques. There are lots of martial arts present today, these are karate, kung Fu, Okinawa, Kali, tae kwon do etc. Even though these are sometime used as a sports activity too. To know more about martial arts training we have to discuss about what

equipment and weapon we need for this, virtual martial arts training, free martial arts training, martial arts films, martial arts training academies, and martial arts training mat and gear.

First I want to discuss with the Hong Kong martial arts films, these small budget movies, becomes hit all over the world, it is released in voice dubbing in many languages, people really like the skills and techniques of these martial arts. Even these movies are so much popular today that in martial arts training academies these are used to teach the students the lesson of fighting martial arts. These famous martial arts are even an ancient culture of the Asian countries that is also a major reason that martial arts training academies are built and every year many students learn martial arts from here. Even Jackie Chan, a Super Stunt Hero is also running an martial arts training academy in China, where he personally train the students.

Nowadays a new concept is very popular in the martial arts training academy, it is training through videos, as per the use of modern technology all these academies are using video systems, where they the students watch the fight and note each and every action, then the trainer told them what these action are called, and how they have to perform these action, because if you are doing these with carelessness it will cost you injury.

If we speak about martial arts gears then it is defined as the first protective step in doing martial arts. These are combination of one-piece hand/forearm paddings and shin/foot paddings are disclosed, preferably, for use during martial arts events. The one-piece construction provides for a greater area of protection. It also helps in sliding up or down the wearer's arms and legs, respectively.

Similarly martial arts mats refers to the mat where this kind of fighting happen, it is a special kind of mat which is made in purpose that the martial arts competetors will not get hurt by falling on these mats, these are flexible in nature and soft too.

Apart from these there are few equipment too we need in doing different martial arts like in Karate we use special white colour karate uniform, with special belts, karate jacket, etc. Or in Kung fu we people generally use like kung fu pants, special leather uniforms, kung fu jacket, kung fu well designed shoes, and also includes some weapons like butterfly swords, wooden broad sword, whip chaim, kwan dao, pudao, tigferfork, etc.

Similarly special uniforms in Judo and Tae Kwon Di and other matial arts too. There are few famous weapons too like Hardwoon Bokken, Spike sets, Tai Chi sword, etc.

So, as per the discussion, I woulk try to discuss about martial arts, training with the helps of films or videos in the training academies, aprt from this I had also discussed briefly on uniforms, weapons and equipments of the martial art we people generally use, then about martial arts gear and mats. Hope you all are satisfied as per the above and know martial arts is a sports activity too apart from self defense.

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