Martial Arts Style

Martial art is no more a news for world. It has been accepted worldwide and millions of people are practicing it. In literate terms, it refers to the style and techniques for combat, either armed or unarmed.The main focus being the physical win over the competitor can be learnt with a view to secure you of enemies, building self confidence, maintaining fitness and so on. Each art form has various aspects and each aspect can be differentiated on its style. Similarly, martial arts has developed its various branches each can be distinguished with the style and techniques involved

Well, when it comes to enlisting various styles of martial arts, the first form that comes to our minds is karate. Yes, karate has been world wide famous. Thanks to the show buzz and entertainment industry.

You must have seen your favorite action star Jacky Chan always defeating vamps and villains in his movies with various martial arts. As such there is a long list regarding various fight style involved.

However, they can be enlisted as:

  • Judo: Judo was founded by Kano in Japan. It was designed as more of a fitness sport than any of the fighting style. Gradually, it was accepted as a world sport and was included in Olympics in 1966.

  • Tai-chi Chuan: this style is known for its health benefits and improved conditions. The movements are quiet slow as compared to other martial arts. It caters to the reduction of mental stress and tension.

  • Karate: karate, when translated to Japanese means empty handed. It is non-armed style that involves punching and kicking to overcome the competitors. The belt color denotes the level of the candidate, which varies from whit to black. The black color belt is the upper extreme for this style.

  • Jujitsu: it is another non-armed style of martial art. It features strikes, kicks, joint locking, choking and throws. Practical arm locks and submission techniques being a special feature, is the reason for its popularity among cops.

  • Kung Fu: all Chinese martial arts are generally described under the broad category of Kung fu. It is one of the oldest martial arts and posses a great influence over other martial art styles.

  • Kempo: Kempo has achieved its popularity in USA. It is a complete fighting experience. This karate style equally emphasize upon the usage of hands and feet, both.

  • Aikido: it lies in the category of non-aggressive style with a basic principle of "do not force to fight". It involves redirecting opponent's strength into various locations that save you from any harm.

  • Tae Kwan Do: it is another form martial art that emphasize on sporty aspect of it. It involves fast, spectacular kicking techniques with a few hand movements. It is a long range-fighting tale due to the usage of kicking than striking.

As such martial art focuses on different styles of striking, grappling and weapons training. These are the aspects that differentiate one fighting style from other. Striking involves hitting the competitor. It comprises of punching (boxing, shao-lin long fist, wing Chun), kicking (savate, tae-kwon do, capoeira, taekyyon) and other strikes like elbow, knees and open-band.

Grappling on the other hand refers to the process of avoiding the competitor's attacks. It comprises of throwing (glima, judo, sambo, jujutsu, Shuai Jiao), joint-lock (Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, malla-yudha) and other pinning techniques like wrestling and judo.

Apart from these techniques one more thing is there which plays an important role while struggling against competitor and that's a weapon. Yes, martial art has its own gallery of weapons. Traditionally, fencing, gatka, Silambam and kendo were used for fighting but now these have been replaced by modern weapons like Escrima, Jukendo, Jogo Do pau and many more.

Despite of the fact that martial arts are different fighting styles, they can be positively used to enhance endurance, mental stability and self-defense in a person.

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