Lucas Arts

Lucas arts are a developer of video game, or it's an American video game developer as well as publisher, which is nowadays very famous. It is also famous for its graphics especially in the adventurous games. This was founded in 1982 with the purpose of development of gameswith excellent graphics. These are very much familiar with children as well as adults both.

The future of Lucas arts seem to be safe as they are changing their games time to time and specially graphics are excellent. Star Wars is considered as one of the famous world-class adventure game developed by Lucas Arts, and they earn lot of money byintroducing Star Wars game in Games World. The first Star Wars game was developed in 1990. Rebel AssaultStar War Game becomes the biggest success of Lucas arts in their starting period of 1990. This success makes them move to the more advanced and next level of games. It is the first CD ROM game.

They also made the games on Indiana Jones, after the succession of the movie in Hollywood, and it the game becomes popular too. After the success of first episode of Star Wars, in 1995 they released their next level Star Wars: - Dark Forces, these are categorized as shooter game. Full sequel of Star Wars game was developed in 2002 as Star Wars Jedi Knight II, and in 2003 StarWars Jedi Knight III was developed, which is the last part of the Star Wars games.

If we are discussing about the games of Lucas Arts then I also want to tell you that Star Wars is not the only game that is famous for Lucas Arts, there are few more like Armed and Dangerous, Ball blazer, Escape from Monkey Island, Loom, After Life, Maniac Mansion, Strike Fleet, Night Shift, Outlaws, etc. After discussing the popularity and famous games of Lucas arts, now we have to discuss the archivesof the Lucas arts, as these are the CD- ROM series of PC games.

They released their archives in 4 years, Vol. 1 in 1995,Vol. 2 in 1996, Vol. 3 in 1997 and Vol. 4 in 1998. There after the Lucas arts games become budget priced and hence game released individually. Whereas Vol1. Archive is inclusive of Star Wars: Rebel assault, Indiana Jones and fate of Atlantis, Sam and Max hit the road, and Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle. I also want to tell you about the Lucas arts jobs, there are lots of job opening in Lucas arts.

As it is one of the leading American games developers. It gives the employment opportunity too the deserving candidates. Apart from this the topics remain incomplete if we don't discuss the term if we don't discuss outlaws game in the Lucas Arts. This is the first shooter game developed in 1997 and first seen in Star Wars Dark Forces. Though it faced not much success at that time but after four years in 2001, it become very popular.

So, in above views I just want to tell you about the importance of Lucas Arts, its famousgames Star Wars, and the others. When it is started, and what's the expected future of this, and what role it played in CD-Rom games. Hope the above discussion is satisfactory and up to mark.

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