Living Arts

Living arts are define as combination of art or culture of ancient times that looks still the live material. This may include painting, valuables, galleries, images, performing art, etc. Or we can say that Living arts encourages the process of discovery and presentation of new concept and works. To know more about Living arts we have to know what steps are going all over world to promote this. Like there is world famous center known as Living Art Center.

Living Art Center is established in year 1997 with the objective of promoting educational arts and culture all over the world. This is located in Mississauga. Even in the career of just ten years, it becomes so much popular that every year about 3,00,000 visitors come to see the living art.

They are having Living art center Houses, Exhibition galleries and eight professional art studios. Like Living art center, there is another promotional organization known as Living arts of Tulsa. It comes under one of the world-class organization that are playing vital role in making these living arts famous all over. It is situated in Tulsa, and their goal is to make create alliances between scientific, technical and artist communities. Even it provides the employment to the artist too. It present high quality contemporary art to the Tulsa and Oklahoma area and has established a national reputation of it’s all over the art world.

Similarly there is a studio created in 1992 with the purpose of promoting living art, it is known as Studio of Living Art. And from past 15 years its main objective is teach the dance to the students and tries to enhance their skills and makes them famous everywhere. Till then it includes, children, adults all over the world. Apart from this they also runs an educational institutes which teaches the information regarding living arts and cultures to the new generation. Musical courses, which this studio offered, are hip-hop, jazz, ballet, Pilates, introdance, musical theater, etc.

There is a Theater of living arts too situated in Philadelphia, PA. Lots of national play organizes here everyday. It is having 800 seats for the audience. These theaters and its professional courses train and enhance the skills of a fresher or volunteer and teach them the basics and how to act or perform with facial expressions.

Now after discussing the above points, I also want to tell you that India too has play very vital role in promoting living art. There are lots of famous ancient Indian Living arts like art of music, art of power, art of love, art of light, contemporary art, art of devotion store, art of explosion, art of wood, art of cloth, art of pilgrimage, etc.

So, after discussing the above we came to the conclusion that there are lots of organization, center, theaters, studios, etc that are playing important role in the promotion of living art. Hope that you all are satisfied as per the above discussion.

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