List of Money Making Hobbies

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. So hobbies play an important role in spending the spare time of every age group as they act as a diversion of the man’s mind from the real world. Moreover it proved to be advantageous when it becomes a source of side income.

Hobbies That Can Make You Money:

In today’s life everyone is busy in their daily routine due to which every person has a lot of stress and tension. To reduce stress hobbies are the best. It also keeps the man’s mind active. Through hobbies one can learn many things which results in the increase of knowledge as well as experience.

Hobbies can be of anything like watching TV, bird watching, reading book, playing games etc.

Some of the hobbies which can become a source of income are:

1) Handicrafts:


By the use of handicrafts a person can earn a lot of money. With the help of different things like wood he can make wooden greeting cards, picture frames, children’s desk and decorative bird houses. Sweaters and doll clothes can be made using cloth and fibers. Personalized coffee mugs and dry flowers are also the best option for income which not only decorates the house but loved by the loved ones when gifted.

2) Making dolls:

Making dolls

Today doll houses and doll furniture are very popular among the newborns and this can also become a source of income which only requires hard work and lots of experience.

3) Cooking:


The way to the man’s heart is through the man’s stomach so the cooking in today’s life is very important. It can prove to be a stress buster after a stressful day. It is generally very popular in youth who wants to learn new dishes every day and for that they join cookery classes. For chefs and the ladies who have a talent of good cooking make their hobby as the source of income.

4) Candle making:

Candle Making

In earlier days the use of candles is only to give the light when there is no electricity. Candle making can be converted into the money making hobby by creating the designer candles and sell them in the international as well as in the local market.

5) Arts and craft:

Arts and craft

Hobbies like art and craft can be converted into money making by making crafts for kids, jewellery, glass paintings, to decorate the houses, greeting cards, leather handbags, and woodcrafts.

6) Cake Baking and decorating:

Cake Baking and  decorating

Cake baking and decorating can also be converted into a money making hobby by creating the mouth watering cakes and sell them in time whenever the order is placed.

7) Stamp and coin collection:

Stamp and coin collection

Stamp and coin collection are the hobbies which doesn’t require any special skill. People collect them to make it as a business for good income.

8) Lamps:


Decorative lamps and vases can be created with the help of bottles which can be another source of income.

9) Picture framing:

Picture Framing

Picture framing can also be a good business as they are liked by everyone and can be sold in the local as well as the in the international market.

10) Travel and sports:


By becoming a traveler guide or writer the person can earn little extra income but it can’t me made into a proper business. It only helps in reducing the stress or idea of spending the vacation in a unique way. Same is the case with the sports person he can earn money by becoming coach or sharing the knowledge about the sports by writing articles which are payable.

11) Paintings:


Source : Pixabay

Paintings can be of various types like body painting, landscape, portrait, paintings of the ancient leaders, sketch painting, paintings of the monuments and gods etc. One can earn money by displaying and selling their paintings in the exhibitions or by selling them in the market.

The last and the most important thing for any hobby to be converted into money making is the true motivation of the person, his creativity, practice, and the ability to market himself which at lasts helps in making a career from his hobby.

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