Liberal Arts

To discuss on arts topic, a liberal art is the best topic. Liberal arts refers to the skills related to the general and basic knowledge, means it is completely differ from scientific and artistic skills. Simple definition of liberal arts says it is designed for the purposes of know the arts or studies suited to freemen.

Liberal is a Latin word which meaning is to appropriate for free men. In other words we can also that Liberal arts is a term related to the general knowledge, which a good positive point for the aspect of social issue.

Liberal Arts is a combination of seven things known as Grammar, Logic, Music, Geometry, Astronomy, Rhetoric and Arithmetic. This liberal art is basically divided in two categories known as trivium and other is quadrivium. Where trivium stands for three topics that are logical topic, basic Grammar and Rhetoric. On other side Quadrium stands for four topics Music, Arithmetic, Astronomy and Geometry.

If we are discussing about Liberal Arts, then it is necessary to discuss about Liberal Arts College and its role in promoting Liberal Arts. Talking about Liberal arts college, the college in U.S. is at the top rank, and though world famous popular. These colleges are referred as the undergraduate's colleges with the specialization of Liberal arts. The goals and objectives of these colleges are providing develop and provide the general knowledge and intellectual skills among their students.

U.S., is not the only place where Liberal arts are famous, nowadays it is popular everywhere like there are Campion College in Sydney, St. Petersburg College in Russia, Saskatoon College in Canada and Liberal College of Arts in Berlin. Apart from these places, Liberal arts studies are now familiar everywhere, hence it has branches all over the world, even now it is available in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Middle east everywhere, in this short period it is counted as one of the fast growing arts related studies.

Though these colleges are also categorized as private liberal arts colleges and public Liberal arts colleges, depends upon the authority.

If we are speaking about Liberal Arts then it is necessary to discuss about Liberal arts education too, because without this the topic is incomplete. These helps the students in exercised and relaxed the mind. It also helps in develop the skills related to decision making, self-confidence, opinions, value and attitudes, it also teaches the way how to learn and absorb a thing or a movement, helps in fast learning too and makes your mind sharp.

After speaking about Liberal arts education, we have also to discuss about Christian Liberal Arts. One of the famous world-class colleges Christian Liberal Arts is Houghton College. Basically it includes the detailed studies of subjects like literature, art, politics, history, philosophy, natural and social science, music and mathematics. Its western civilization that is known as Christian Civilization. And largely develop Christian beliefs and practice. Basic purposes of these Christian Liberal arts colleges are to convey the Christian intellectual tradition to a new generation of young generation. It also develops the valuable skills like to write, speak and listen carefully.

So, in the end I just want to tell that in above discussion, I had tried to explain about Liberal arts and Liberal arts colleges, its types and what role it liberal arts education plays in a life of a students. How it is helpful to him and hope that you all are completely satisfied with the above topics and discussion.

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