Liberal Arts College

The concept of Liberal Arts Collegehas an historical significance that in essence rooted during 17th century. However, it is for the period of Second World War, the American higher educationalsystem has extended and altered the fundamental idea of Liberal Arts College, but over the time much of its prior features and objectives have been remained as the same. Being the symbolof centuries' old-traditional thoughts, most of the top of the Liberal Arts College around the world maintain to provide as sculpt for undergraduate education of 21st century

Essential features:

The primary focus of Liberal Arts College is to develop an intimate learning environment in which a wide range of interaction among faculty member and students takes place. Essential emphasis on individual attention within a small class size, directed by a devoted faculty to teach undergraduate students are crucial features of learning at this types of institutions. As because the system is particularly focusing on individual learning process, the students of this learning institutions undergo through rich environment of understanding, developing their intellectual resources as well as getting engaged in critical evaluation. The primary ideology of this system entails a belief of synchronizing knowledge and living where an individualized process of development gets aligned with intellectual engagement and personal development including critical and analytical thinking, effective communication as well dynamic and moral rendezvous.

Statistical Significance:

Apart from the documented value and importance of the learning system of Liberal Arts College, a significant small number of students in practice are accounted under this system. A study held on 1998reveals that only 3 percent of American college graduates are graduated under this system. However, on a per capita basis, data reveals that the possibility of students learning under Liberal Arts College to receive doctorate degree in Science is as much as twice compared to the students learning in general institution. According to the information retrieved from, the scientists elected for esteemed National Academyof Science have obtained their undergraduate degree from Liberal Arts College.

Analysis of Success:

The success behind Liberal College of Arts is particularly dependant on its unique style and scale. The individualized pattern of education makes the system most effective for all the learners as well as helps the learners to get engaged in fully functional faculty driven activities. Intentionally small in size, the class encapsulates the effectual learning environment focusing on individual development within a broad spectrum of knowledge concerning humanities, science and arts in particular. The success of this system is embedded in its unique ideology for preparing learners for interacting with lives, achievement,leadership and individual accomplishment.

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